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Full-time fairy full version

Full-time fairy full version

  • size: 297.00M
  • platform: 安卓4.4以上
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: 中文
  • time: 2021-03-12 15:50:05


Full-time fairy full version is a very beautiful Xianxia fantasy game, in this game we can find all kinds of very rich elements to experience, occupations, martial arts, arena, or scenery can let you experience Oh, the full version of the story content is waiting for you to experience.

Full-time fairy full version

Full-time fairy full version mobile game description

The game is about to be released, friends who like it click to make an appointment, and everyone will be notified when it goes online.

Full-time fairy profile
The style of this game is very beautiful, and you can fully experience the fantasy world.

Dress up is very rich, put on a variety of beautiful fashion.

Feel what a beautiful scenery is, and the world here makes you stop.

Full-time fairy gameplay features
The real Kyushu self-cultivation game, in this world where demons are rampant, one person needs to stand up and execute justice;

All equipment is divided into PVP and PVE equipment, when fighting monsters and killing people, it is best to bring different equipment;

The most colorful skill settings, every time the cool special effects are amazing, and the ever-changing tricks are endless.

You can forge the top artifacts and use different materials to improve them;

You can go to the blood PK at any time in the town, and there are no restrictions on voice communication;

Set up your own gang, where you can exchange for items through contribution points.

Full-time Immortal System Highlights
1. Operating the temple: the wishes of all living beings are fulfilled by you

2. Treasure refining furnace: turning stone into gold, forging artifacts.

3. Dazzling pet mount: cute face fight fiercely

4. Exciting partners: classic mythological partners, you can combine them as you like

5. Conquering the Demon Realm: Good and evil create and overcome each other, conquer the Demon Realm

Full-time fairy player reviews
Full-time Xianren is a very beautiful fantasy Xianxia game. In this game, we feel the rich experience brought to you by various beautiful scenery, and every battle is very exciting.


  • Full-time fairy full version
  • Full-time fairy full version
  • Full-time fairy full version