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Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition

Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition

  • size: 261.69M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 15:21:55


Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition is a beautiful world game with a lot of benefits. This game allows you to have a lot of various gift packs, online to receive ingots, fashion and other gift packs, and give you a BT experience that takes off right from the start.

Introduction to Tianya Shenzhou
The beautiful world of Shenzhou is waiting for you to play and explore the world of Xianxia.

National Xianxia game, online will give all kinds of benefits, directly become a god.

Three times the high explosion rate, let us easily feel the feeling of explosion.

Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition Gift Pack
★The recharge ratio is 1:500, the first recharge is 1:1000, and there is a 1:1500 super value rebate activity;

★Enhancing the effect of VIP privileges, the official service local tyrant privileges are sent online, and the BOSS is free to fight;

★The first charge will give you a set of out-of-print summer magic weapons, fashion, and powerful equipment, which will be cool together this summer;

★Unprecedented seven-day login benefits, every day you log in, you will get the best props, as well as out-of-print fashion and magic weapons;

★All kinds of out-of-print appearance illusions of official clothes are fully open!! Not only can it skyrocket the combat power, but also have a cool appearance;

★The upgrade speed is accelerated to experience the summer pleasure;

Tianya Shenzhou gameplay strategy
Day 1 Level 34

On the first day, the gameplay started on the sword, the partner, and the copy of Longshou Mountain.

On the first day, you must buy the fund, bi-monthly card, and battle order. Be sure to buy these three items, a total of 288. These three items are super important for ordinary players, and they can send you enough binding points to buy Tianbo Mansion gift packs after you. (The Tianbo Mansion gift bag contains the Longman key, the residual pages of the heart method, etc., which are important to improve the skills)

Then ordinary players can draw the number of discounts for their partners, and krypton gold players can draw 1/3 of their partners according to their color budget.

After everyone has drawn a partner, you don't need a package for the first few days, and you can use whichever has the highest skill.

The Krypton gold boss will give priority to Qu Wuyi and Ye Zhiqiu for the four helmsmen. The heavy krypton boss should not change the four helmsmen in the first three days. On the third day, what is missing should be replaced by what to fill, because this time a lot of attack partners have been added in. That is to say, the priority is to change Ye Zhiqiu, and the car may overturn.

The monthly card party recommends that you just take the number of discounts, and don't take it too much. Because I have to save money to buy the follow-up Tianbo Mansion gift package and so on. The draw partner will guarantee a Lu Xiaojia 30 times, and the new version will randomly choose a golden partner after 80 times. No matter how many golds you draw in this 80, you will get a gold when you draw 80 times.

Picking partner's suggestion (emphasis)

The monthly card party only draws the number of weekly discounts.

3000 party draws 80 times.

Those with more than 3,000 yuan can use 1/3 of their budget to draw partners, and those with more than 200,000 yuan are full. On the first day of Tianbofu, you can buy the third-tier gift package, and don't upgrade a piece of equipment for the Seiko materials.

Be sure to upgrade evenly.

The most important thing is to sign in the gang on the first day (krypton gold sign is advanced), donate 10 times, donate more krypton gold,

Donate by default without krypton gold.

Day 2 Level 39.

Activate the movement, training, the first batch of gang skills, gang appointment

For the identity game below 50,000, it is recommended to choose Xuanyan or Chef. The income here is the highest. Although Xuanyan has been cut, it is targeted to produce the remaining pages of the Purple Heart Method. On the contrary, the chef is somewhat unstable and will produce Longman and Heart Method. More than 50,000 people can get the God-forging Token if they choose to capture it. The weekly purchase of this item is limited, so the krypton gold boss chooses to get the God-Forging Token.

Refinement of the Shenwei Beggar Gang Taibai on the six items of the power-washing way to know the mind, and the next six items of the power-washing way of the body. Yihua Tianxiang Tangmen has six qi-jin secret injuries on the top, and six qi-jin body techniques on the bottom. The kryptonite is washed to level 10, and you can just watch it without kryptonite.

Gang skills Shenwei beggar gang Taibai point the strength, the body, the root bone, the Tangmen move the flowers, the fragrance, the strength, the body, the root bone. If you don't have gold, you don't need to point the root bone, and you can go to level 51 to point the skills of the second row.

Day 3 Level 43

Open the home game, Cangwu Inn dungeon home quest guide is all done, then put the dungeon statue on it, and then wait until the next day to read all the books in Jinlan. If you want to grab the big world house, you need to transcribe all the furniture in the home, buy the blueprints in the mall, and only the top sixteen can get the big world house.

Day 4 Level 46

Open Cam Ranh Longman System

Jinlan is used for reading and improving skills.

Longman collocation refers to another strategy

Next, there will be a card level for a period of time. During this time, all the adventure and achievement illustrations must be run away. The achievements must be made for attribute Dan, and each Dan adds 30 points of skill. Adventures and illustrations are tied, and ordinary players must do it, and then reach level 52 on the seventh day.

Tianya Shenzhou player reviews
Tianya Shenzhou, let us join this extraordinary adventure, here can give you a very rich career choice, a real picture quality world, and an open world to swim, here can give you the richest Xianxia experience.


  • Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition
  • Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition
  • Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition
  • Tianya Shenzhou Welfare Edition