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The supreme swordsman of all swords

The supreme swordsman of all swords

  • size: 270.49M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 14:07:10


The full version of Wanjian Zhi Supreme Sword Sovereign is a large-scale aesthetic fantasy game. This Xianxia game allows you to smoothly complete our ultimate simulation battle. In the world of Wanjian, there are also super rich stories that have been unlocked, so that we can explore and experience as much as we like.

Introduction to the supreme swordsman of all swords
The beautiful world can be enjoyed, and those who don't like fighting can watch the scenery.

You can also travel around the world of Jianghu with the NPCs in the game and experience the life of Jianghu.

There are also many professions, let us experience the professional gameplay.

Ten thousand swords supreme sword sovereign mobile game advantages
You can dress yourself up in person, and you can see how you look right away.

There will be many interesting challenges to unlock and open, endless disputes between the three worlds are waiting for you to play and show your chivalrous love.

Collecting materials to build weapons, even if it is initiated by the ancients, can also be obtained when fighting monsters.

Martial arts competitive combat, talent attribute blessing, martial arts gameplay, and more modes to open the covenant of gods and demons.

Super fun challenge mode, a new chapter in the age of conferred gods, in this endless adventure, players will quickly improve their level and cultivation base, strengthen their ability to carry out more exciting adventures.

Super fun combat gameplay, the legend of Wu Ni Fengshen, the battle trials are constantly open, waiting for you to play.

Ten thousand swords of the supreme sword sovereign
The level of the protagonist can only grow by gaining experience, and cannot eat Ganoderma lucidum. Before level 9, it can only be obtained through the main line instance.

Open the treasure map after level 9, don't waste your energy, push the main line first, if the main line can't be pushed, then come back to the treasure map, because the treasure map is opened according to the main line chapter.

By alternately gaining experience between the mainline dungeon and the treasure map, it is easy to upgrade to level 20. After starting the task at level 20, daily tasks can obtain a huge amount of experience for the protagonist, which must be done every day.

Protagonist upgrade path: main line copy, treasure map, daily tasks. PS: It is recommended to do it every day after going online.

The energy pills and stamina pills in the store should be bought as much as possible every day, and the upgrades will be slow.

Ten thousand swords supreme sword sovereign player reviews
The Supreme Sword Sovereign of Ten Thousand Swords restores various real elements of the rivers and lakes, and every battle here is very exciting. The various martial arts confrontations of the martial arts have a very strong sense of attack, and the special effects are still super good.


  • The supreme swordsman of all swords
  • The supreme swordsman of all swords
  • The supreme swordsman of all swords
  • The supreme swordsman of all swords
  • The supreme swordsman of all swords