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cyberpunk cpow

cyberpunk cpow

  • size: 169.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 11:06:55


Cyberpunk cpow is a card adventure game with a strong cyberpunk style. It has quite exquisite modeling. Players will start an exciting adventure in this high-definition fantasy world. There are a lot of dungeons, come and adventure in this world full of technological neon and war wasteland!

cyberpunk cpow

Cyberpunk cpow game background

The sun, hundreds of millions of years of calm, make it a gentle and hot star in the eyes of the ignorant, and when unpredictable disaster strikes, human beings are obviously not prepared. Later generations referred to this catastrophic solar storm as the Great Subsidence Event.

Countless civilizations have been destroyed by the great subsidence. The surviving people have begun to rebuild a new future world. Through the research and utilization of cosmic resources and materials, human science and technology have reached an unprecedented era of civilization. All kinds of intelligent machines have been developed and used. People want to The answer to a question through calculus - how to enable civilization to continue in infinite time and space?

However, the evolutionary deduction of the omnic has obtained a clear answer that conforms to the logic of operation - in the development of the world and the evolution of biology, the historical mission carried by human beings has come to an end. As a creative free consciousness, artificial intelligence is enough to replace humans as the managers and developers of the world. A world war between omnics and humans is imminent.

You will recruit a variety of powerful heroes in the game to fight together against the cold and ruthless mechanical creations, the outlaws in the chaotic wasteland, and the multi-party forces with different ideas.

During the game, you will take adventures in several scenarios with different styles, gain experience and resources to improve your team. In the adventure, you will encounter different enemies. You need to match the lineup and release precise skills to win the battle. Every choice you make may lead to a completely different ending to the battle.

It will be a mission to save the destiny of all mankind, are you ready to explore this unknown world?

Cyberpunk cpow game features
1: The horizontal screen minimalist operation experience, the combat skills are gorgeous and smooth;

2: High degree of freedom skill combination, combination of active and passive skills, to create your own battlefield effect;

3: Extremely rich game content, high-fidelity AI, providing a variety of play challenges;

4: Collect battle heroes, cooperate with chip effect bonuses, and realize personalized character development.

5: Liver protection, from combat to development are all refreshing, pursuing the most basic card matching fun.

Cyberpunk cpow gameplay
1. The game world is full of technological neon, as well as apocalyptic wasteland, with a unique art style design.

2. The horizontal screen is minimalist, the combat skills are gorgeous, and the operation feels smooth and free. More exciting.

3. A high degree of freedom skill combination, create exclusive strategies, and provide a variety of play styles to challenge challenges.

4. Collect fighting heroes, develop personalized characters, and create pure card matching fun.

cyberpunk cpow

Cyberpunk cpow game advantage

This game has a very variety of exciting gameplay, players can feel the super dazzling and exciting challenges here, and the experience is very good.

Here, you can feel a fun fighting adventure, and you can also get a new fingertip competitive gameplay here.

It depicts a super exciting doomsday battle for players, and there are also a variety of strategic real-time challenges.

Cyberpunk cpow editor evaluation
Cyberpunk cpow is still very good to play in this game. There are super diverse contents to experience in the game. The game is very satisfying in terms of both the screen and the gameplay. Players who like it, hurry up and click to download button to experience it!



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