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Backfire Sky Reincarnation

Backfire Sky Reincarnation

  • size: 264.85M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 11:54:33


Reincarnation of the Backfire Sky is a very fun fantasy Xianxia game. This game is a brand new version of Backfire Sky. The story of reincarnation is waiting for you to experience one by one. We can travel around Kyushu in this world, and every battle can give you a very rich experience.

Introduction to Reincarnation of Backfire
The new version of the world of Backfire, let us enjoy the story of reincarnation.

There are also very rich competitive gameplay to explore higher-level operations.

We can enjoy the scenery and the scenery is very comfortable and pleasant.

Backfire Sky Reincarnation Newbie Login Benefits
★Enter the game to get: VIP24 card, 8888 yuan, 1000W gold coins, 1W recharge card package;

★The recharge ratio is changed to 1:1000, and each tier of the first recharge will give 2 times the ingots back. The first recharge rewards red magic equipment, super welfare resource bonus, easy million battle power;

★A recharge card that can be opened at low level, 140 yuan ingot at level 80, and you can spend on paid activities;

★You can get a recharge card when you sign in, PK, and fight bosses, and you can get exchange materials to buy a recharge card with a stable PK ranking. Starting from 98 yuan, everyone will never fail, which really allows you to experience the whole game with benefits;

★The strongest ingot rebate, you can get the corresponding proportion of ingot automatic rebate when you recharge the required amount every day, no need to wait for the customer service to issue it;

Backfire Sky Reincarnation Recharge Rebate
500 Red Heavenly God Hou Yi*1, Heavenly God Qualification Pill*1500, Mirror-Breaking Stone*30

1000 Martial Soul Random Gift Box (Red)*3, Heavenly God Qualification Pill*2000, Divine Transformation Stone*300

2000 Red Magical Weapon · Random Gift Box (+10)*1, Deity Qualification Pill*2500, Martial Soul Random Gift Box (red)*1

3000 Red Magical Weapon · Random Gift Box (+10)*2, Deity Qualification Pill*3000, Martial Soul Random Gift Box (red)*2

5000 Red Magical Weapon · Random Gift Box (+10)*4, Deity Qualification Pill*5000, Martial Soul Random Gift Box (red)*3

10000 Lingxiao Shoes·Superior*1, Lingxiao Soft Armor·Superior*1, Deity Qualification Pill*10000

Backfire Sky: Reincarnation Mission Raiders
The task is an indispensable part, it exists for the user to determine the goal and guide the user to continue the game. At the same time, players can also understand the game world view through tasks, promote the development of the plot, and quickly upgrade.

Mission types include: main mission, side mission, daily mission, gang mission, etc. Different types of tasks will have different guidance priorities, giving players a more three-dimensional task experience.

Main quest: The quest chain that runs through the entire game, the core of the game quest. It has the function of guiding users to determine goals, promoting the plot, and letting players understand the world view.

Side quests: Players are different from the main quests in the game. The purpose of side quests is to enrich the game content and increase the fun of the game.

Daily tasks: Players can get a lot of experience and gold coins through daily tasks, which is one of the ways to quickly level up; Guild tasks: Players can gain experience, gold coins and gang contributions through gang tasks.

Task form: According to the difference between task goals and completion methods, the game has designed various tasks in different forms, such as finding people, sending letters, killing monsters, collecting, exploring, and clearing dungeons, giving players a richer task experience.

Backfire: Reincarnation Player Reviews
Reincarnation of Backfire Sky Let us walk into the new world of Backfire Sky and feel the charm of the new world. There are also a lot of novice benefits online, you can directly get the battle.


  • Backfire Sky Reincarnation
  • Backfire Sky Reincarnation
  • Backfire Sky Reincarnation
  • Backfire Sky Reincarnation
  • Backfire Sky Reincarnation