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Eternal Firmament

Eternal Firmament

  • size: 268.13M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 11:46:46


Wangu Cangqiong mobile game allows you to experience various benefits of the New Year world. In this game, we can fully enjoy the fun of various battles. When the fantasy game is launched, we will send super rich Chinese New Year BT benefits and feel all kinds of exciting BT benefits. Let's fight.

Description of Eternal Sky Mobile Games
The original name of the game is: Swords of Heaven. The latest version is changed to Eternal Sky.

Introduction to Eternal Sky Mobile Games
A game that allows you to explore the world of the eternal sky, and the huge sky can walk freely.

You can receive a lot of benefits when you go online, and every battle is very exciting.

Feel the bombing of the New Year's welfare, the novice online combat power directly exceeds 100,000.

Eternal Sky New Year BT Welfare
★Enter the game to get: VIP24 card, 8888 yuan, 1000W gold coins, 1W recharge card package;

★The recharge ratio is changed to 1:1000, and each tier of the first recharge will give 2 times the ingots back. The first recharge rewards red magic equipment, super welfare resource bonus, easy million battle power;

★A recharge card that can be opened at low level, 140 yuan ingot at level 80, and you can spend on paid activities;

★You can get a recharge card when you sign in, PK, and fight bosses, and you can get exchange materials to buy a recharge card with a stable PK ranking. Starting from 98 yuan, everyone will never fail, which really allows you to experience the whole game with benefits;

★The strongest ingot rebate, you can get the corresponding proportion of ingot automatic rebate when you recharge the required amount every day, no need to wait for the customer service to issue it;

Eternal Sky Recharge Rebate
500 Red Heavenly God Hou Yi*1, Heavenly God Qualification Pill*1500, Mirror-Breaking Stone*30

1000 Martial Soul Random Gift Box (Red)*3, Heavenly God Qualification Pill*2000, Divine Transformation Stone*300

2000 Red Magical Weapon · Random Gift Box (+10)*1, Deity Qualification Pill*2500, Martial Soul Random Gift Box (red)*1

3000 Red Magical Weapon · Random Gift Box (+10)*2, Deity Qualification Pill*3000, Martial Soul Random Gift Box (red)*2

5000 Red Magical Weapon · Random Gift Box (+10)*4, Deity Qualification Pill*5000, Martial Soul Random Gift Box (red)*3

10000 Lingxiao Shoes·Superior*1, Lingxiao Soft Armor·Superior*1, Deity Qualification Pill*10000

Eternal Sky Novice Guide
Novice: Levels 1-25

After creating a character, you can directly follow the main quest of the plot prompt to upgrade in the early stage.

Upgrade: Level 25-35

You can also enter the copy of "Illusion Compass" according to the plot prompts.

You can enter the "Illusionary Compass" twice a day, and each time you enter the illusion, you can turn the compass 5 times to get rewards of different attributes.


When you enter the "Fantasy Compass", select "Auto Match", and you will have extra rounds with your friends.

In this stage of the story mission, you will get two "rare experience beads", and with the "Foundation Pill" obtained before, you can immediately upgrade to about 3 levels.

Upgrade: Level 35-40

When you complete some basic mainline tasks and dungeon tasks, you are almost at level 35. You can create a family or join a family. Among the family, family tasks can get rich experience and various benefits.

How to play:

1. Open the world challenge gameplay at a specific time of the day.

All players above level 2.37 can participate, as long as they enter the event before the world boss is killed.

3. The event map is a specific scene. When the event starts, all players on the server can enter the event map.

4. Boss attributes will change dynamically due to the output ability of the full server players.

5. After the Boss dies, it will give each player a basic reward according to the damage done to the boss by the player, and will issue a ranked treasure chest reward according to the output ranking of all players on the server.


Rewards will be issued after the boss is defeated, and you can choose five times the reward.

At this time, the main quest has been completed, and the dart transport twice a day has also been completed. If you have not reached level 39, use the experience talisman given in the backpack, and call your friends to form a team to fight monsters together. If you form a team, you can get extra Experience and grudge. Click to hang up, it is easy and not tired, you can rest for a while and wait for the level to reach level 39 before continuing to fight.

After reaching level 39, you can use up the "primary upgrade pill" in your backpack...and after using it, you will go straight to level 40.


When using "Elementary Upgrade Pill", it must be after level 39...before level 40

Upgrade: Level 40-45

After entering level 40, although you can obtain "experience beads" through the main storyline, you will still encounter bottlenecks in upgrading. At this time, it is recommended to complete daily tasks such as bounty tasks, family tasks, fantasy compass, mysteries of magic, and world bosses to gain a lot of experience points.

After completing the daily tasks, you can get experience points by hanging up and killing monsters.

After entering level 43, turning on "Confidant" can further enhance the combat power.

Eternal Sky Player Reviews
Eternal Firmament Let us walk into the world of the firmament and feel the joy of fighting in the huge firmament world. Collect all kinds of peerless swords or equipment to improve your combat effectiveness.


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