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Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition

Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition

  • size: 262.94M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 10:42:35


Kyushu Slaying Monsters Welfare Edition is a very fun welfare version of Xianxia game, this Xianxia game gives you a very smooth battle. When you go online, you will get full-level VIP benefits, and there are a lot of ancient beauties you can walk through. Feel the exciting battle of everyone.

Introduction to Kyushu Demon Slayer
The world of Kyushu is waiting for you to fight, fight in every scene.

There are also a lot of novice benefits, which will be delivered when you go online, allowing you to take off directly.

We can enjoy a beautiful love story in this game.

The contents of the novice package of Kyushu Slaying the Demons Welfare Edition
★Enter the game to get: 2000 yuan recharge card, VIP12, 66666 yuan;

★The recharge ratio is 1:1000! The first recharge can be up to 5 times ingots, and there are also super recharge rebates;

★ Super red envelope rain at the beginning, unlimited red envelopes when the mission hangs up, unlimited recharge when you sign in, and crazy red envelopes for monsters and bosses. No need to worry about running out of ingots anymore;

★The gameplay is greatly upgraded, the fatigue system, the super load reduction, the speed of light opens the GM mall, everyone is equal, and there are recharge cards every day;

★ Plan a secret change, log in to the welfare mad to send a recharge card, open the GM mall in advance, and rare collection items are waiting for you to buy.

★The enhanced version of the event was sent super fiercely, and the value of the planning has been increased by a hundred times, which is simply unscrupulous.

★Super-powerful equipment, large recharge cards, high-grade gems, and rare illusions are waiting for you, so don't hurry to play;

Features of Kyushu Demon Slaying
There are many opportunities on the ethereal and beautiful Xianxia Continent, and you can get the chance by completing the trial tasks.

In actual combat, you need to do your best to show your unparalleled strength as much as possible.

After signing in and logging in, you must receive the reward on time, and you will not be able to get it after the time period has passed.

Capture all kinds of cute pets to fight with you, they can fully help you in the battle;

It has the function of automatically finding the way in the task, and it is easier to find the character NPC;

Start a bloody showdown at any time and enjoy free competition without any restrictions.

Kyushu slaying monsters gameplay strategy
Rating is a very important factor. Changing careers, equipping high-end equipment, and even getting married all require level support, so it is imperative for newcomers to enter the game to upgrade their level.

Mission: The mission is the most experienced, the main mission must be done, and the side mission can be taken as soon as possible. It is recommended to open a VIP card. If you want to play Kyushu Tour well, VIP can enter the boss's house, and you can have an extra place to farm treasures, which is definitely not a loss!

Dungeon of the Tang Sect Secret Room: It is best to set up enough three people to open, because the monsters are infinitely swarmed, and the number of people is more powerful. The more people in the team, the faster the brushing will be. There is a 30% experience bonus for a three-person team, but only 15% for a two-person team. And be sure to be full of inspiration and experience medicine!

Equipment dungeon: It is best to play low-level equipment first and wait until the equipment is almost accumulated before going to high-level equipment, because if the equipment is poor, playing high-level equipment dungeon will slow down the progress, and it is easy to overturn if the score is lowered.

Wild bosses: Because each person can only play wild bosses three times a day, it is best to choose more options to grab bosses in the past during some special server activity hours, which will cost less.

Gang internal strength: Xiao Bian suggested to give priority to the attack. Because when you brush bosses outside, you can be resurrected if you die, so it is better to attack more to increase the efficiency of brushing.

Fate: In terms of Fate, it is also recommended to give priority to the upgrade of the runes in the attack direction to further improve the efficiency of killing monsters and make the upgrade more arbitrary.

Player Reviews of Kyushu Demon Slayer
Kyushu Demon Slaying Judgment Let us go to Kyushu and slay monsters. This game has a lot of benefits on the line. It gave me a suit directly. The battle is very exciting, and it directly kills all kinds of mobs, and the sense of attack is also very strong.


  • Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition
  • Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition
  • Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition
  • Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition
  • Kyushu Slaying Demons Welfare Edition