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God of Swords

God of Swords

  • size: 5.13M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 15:54:16


Sword God World is a very fun martial arts masterpiece. This game allows you to roam the world of swords and become the god of swords in the world of swords. There is also a brand-new 2021 event, let us participate and get a lot of rich rewards easily, come and join our Jianghu world.

Introduction to Sword God
A very free open world martial arts mobile game.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers, give your players a comfortable body and mind.

Hundreds of martial arts are freely matched, and everyone can play a different way.

Features of Sword God World Mobile Games
The extremely cheerful and relaxing Feixian task, you can receive the reward after you complete it;

The open world of super immortal cultivation, unlimited skill combo combinations, and easy operation;

Romantic love, as well as extremely exciting cross-server competition, the combat experience is also quite exciting.

The romantic Xiu Xian continent allows you to gallop and explore, creating an ultra-beautiful oriental wonderland.

After passing the test of various levels, you successfully defeated your opponent and experienced a very dreamy love story.

The shape is very delicate and beautiful, and like-minded immortal friends will create a super-beautiful cultivation continent exclusively for you.

Sword God World Novice Upgrade Guide
From the creation of the account, we directly do the basic NPC mainline quests, and we do not start to do bounty quests until 16! If there are ingots in the early stage, you can complete the ingots and refresh them! If you basically reach level 20, we can enter the camp battlefield and do Under the mission! You can get the mission after 11 o'clock every day!

The basic thing to do every day is a copy! For the battle mission tasks on the battlefield, you can ensure that you get the full score of the day's battle merits on the battlefield every day, and you can open an extra star grid when the battle merit reaches 50,000! It can also be used to trade old for new, in exchange for equipment! Too illusory, too, There you can swipe the materials to exchange equipment! If there are ingots in the reward quest, the ingots will fly over! Bounty is undoubtedly the most boring and time-consuming, and only if you don’t have ingots!

There is also a collection of treasure chests and trees. The treasure chest has a treasure map. Go to the designated map to go to the backpack and click to use it. The advanced treasure map needs to defeat the NPC. There are 20 advanced treasure maps, horse thieves, wild boars! 30 have Samurai and Wraith! Defeating them can exchange for rewards, including strengthening stones, books needed for mind tricks, and skill books!

There are also coconut carvings that can be exchanged for military exploits! 30 is the piano fish! Sometimes we also pick up the map that others can't beat. When we are using the advanced treasure map, we need to see if there is anyone around, otherwise we will be caught People snatched it! You can't pick up treasure chests on the battlefield of the camp, it doesn't matter, you can't leave it on the battlefield yesterday, if there are few people, you can slowly pick 20 and you can form a team to play 20 copies! Basically, the team of the same camp can pass! 25 as well!

When you upgrade to 29, don’t be in a hurry to upgrade to 30. When you are at 29, prepare to arm yourself and strengthen yourself! From 18:00 to 19:00 every day, go to the camp battlefield to fight BOSS, whether it is a team or a heads-up!

In short, if you defeat the boss, you can open an extra general star! The rewards are very rich! There are also some skill books! The boss of 29 against 20 can be said to be at this level, and there is enough room for improvement! If you go to 30, the boss is not a strong one. You can brush as you like! It is recommended to brush at 20! No analysis, and the least amount of money spent at 29! There is also the collection of trees!

10 combined into one! Use in South Vietnam! Same as advanced treasure map! Defeating it can get experience, money! Enhanced stone! Different celestial officials will naturally have different rewards! It is recommended to use more than 30! Tianguan is stronger than the monsters in the advanced treasure map ! So it is best to play more than 30! It can be used at any coordinates in South Vietnam, and it is recommended to be in a corner with few people!

Sword God World Player Reviews
Sword God World allows us to live in the world of Jianghu, and we can also play the role of martial arts heroes, punish evil and promote good. It is very suitable for those of us who like to play fantasy martial arts, and the experience is very good.


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