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contract war

contract war

  • size: 7.72M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 09:23:26


The latest package version of Contract War is a very fun casual game of anime card battle. This version of the game is the latest gift pack version. All kinds of novice gift packs are available on the line, and there are 3 times the first recharge benefits, so that you can fully enjoy the charm of the animation world.

Introduction to Contract War
A brand new world of anime cards, summon cards to a contract war.

There are many characters on the card, and the standing paintings of various beautiful girl cards are very beautiful.

Not only hang-up combat, but also personally command, play your strategy.

Novice benefits of the latest gift package version of the contract war
★Enter the game to get: 1000 yuan recharge card, VIP16, diamond 48888;

★The recharge ratio is 1:1000, and the first recharge is tripled! The combat power soars directly;

★ 16 VIP package benefits, super value benefits get soft;

★Get 12.88 million gold coins when you go online! First time you go online, you will receive a luxurious first charge, and you can log in in three days to receive out-of-print skins! Log in in seven days to receive a peerless hero! More luxurious packages are waiting for you to receive;

★ Massive benefits, super value gift pack!! Super value 1 yuan monthly card, get a lot of diamonds;

★Enter the gift code XL8888888888 online to receive the orange hero Ronin-Hero;

Features of the contract war mobile game
1. [Thousands of fashions, easily bursting the wardrobe]

Carefully designed thousands of fashion styles, so that girls can also fall in love with fighting mobile games;

2. [Real micro-manipulation, brothers make an appointment to fight]

The character's movements are smooth and gorgeous without delay, and you can control the overall situation of the battle with both hands;

3. [Battle BOSS, the best depends on hand speed]

The new experience of powerful world BOSS will take you to save the world and defend your homeland.

Contract War Chronicles gameplay strategy
, There are 2 challenge opportunities per day, Vip3 does not need to wait for the cooling time, VIP6 adds a challenge opportunity for a total of 3 times

2. The number of challenges in Endless War will be updated at 5:00 am every day, and there will be a CD time of 20 minutes after each challenge is completed.

3. There are 15 levels in each difficulty of Endless Battle, of which 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 are boss levels.

4. If you beat level 3 in three rounds, you can jump directly to level 6. If you beat level 6 in three rounds, you can jump to level 9, and so on.

5. If players clear all levels in 12 rounds, they can get SSS score and 14 treasure chests.

Get SS score and 12 treasure chests in 17 rounds.

Get an S score and 11 treasure chests within 22 rounds.

Get an A score and 10 treasure chests within 27 rounds.

Get a B rating and 9 treasure chests within 35 rounds.

Get a C score and 8 treasure chests within 45 rounds.

Over 45 rounds to get a D score and 6 treasure chests.

After more than 60 rounds of battle, no treasure chest will be obtained.

(Note: The number of treasure chests corresponds to the number of rewards)

Endless rewards: contract scrolls and runes, contract scrolls can sign contracts with orange equipment to provide percentage attribute bonuses, and runes can also provide enchantments for equipment to add additional attributes.

Contract War Chronicles Player Reviews
Contract Wars gives you a perfect trip to the two-dimensional world, rich card summons, we can fight and combine all kinds of cards in this game. There are also benefits for beginners.


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