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Eternal stars become full of V version

Eternal stars become full of V version

  • size: 649.93M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 15:42:36


Eternal Stars Become Full V version of the mobile game gives you a tour of the fantasy world of thousands of stars. In this game, we can tour the world of Xianxia, give you various luxurious benefits, and also have a lot of various novice gift packs to help you upgrade the gift packs , you can easily get it.

Eternal stars become full of V version

Introduction to Eternal Star Change

This game allows us to easily have the experience of Xianxia world.

Choose from a variety of careers you like, both men and women.

Fashion is beautiful and gorgeous, how can the ancient world be without ancient clothes.

Eternal stars become full of V version

Eternal Star Change Online Event Benefits

★The world of self-cultivation! Star changes are coming! When you log in, you will receive no-level Guangwu, and you can easily crush the audience;

★Enter the GM gift package code: GM666 to receive a hundred consecutive draws from partners;

★Enter the game to get: Divine Jade*58888, Silver Coin*200W;

★Hongmeng Gold Ranking Pass, ultra-low price, ultra-high welfare, return of a thousand times the value of props, excellent value for money;

★Prestige black card, permanent collection, black card exclusive mall, minimum 10% off;

★ 0 yuan gift package value benefits, returned 7 days after purchase, without spending a penny;

Eternal stars become full of V version

Eternal Stars Change Battle Power Raiders
Combat power increase

Promotion 1: Skill learning and upgrading

Sect skills are innate skills that can be upgraded as players level up. Each sect has its own set of skills that players can upgrade. Upgrading sect skills can not only increase skill damage but also increase combat power. In addition to martial arts skills, there are also character training skills and auxiliary skills. Learning and upgrading these skills can also greatly improve the combat power of the character.

Upgrade two: equipment replacement

Equipment is one of the important ways for young heroes to improve their combat power. In addition to weapons, a character can also wear multiple pieces of equipment such as shirts, helmets, rings, etc. The combined combat power of all the equipment is quite terrifying. If you want to get equipment, you can do the main quest to get different levels of equipment after upgrading, or you can get equipment by building it yourself. It is worth mentioning that, by creating equipment yourself, there is a chance to create high-quality equipment with special effects or skills. After the player wears it, the enhanced combat power is quite large.

Enhancement three: gem setting

In the Star Change mobile game, each equipment part has 2 inlay slots, one is enabled by default at level 30, and the second one can be enabled at level 60. By inlaying gems, the attributes and combat power of equipment can be improved. At the same time, gems also have grades. The higher the grade, the greater the attribute improvement.

Boost 4: Partner Rising Star

Partners can provide us with attribute bonuses and new skills to improve our comprehensive combat power. There are currently 3 ways to acquire partners: task acquisition, cumulative login acquisition, and recruitment acquisition. Except for Jiang Li, all other partners get 1 star by default. By using the partner fragments corresponding to the partner, the star rating of the partner can be increased.

After the star level is increased, the attributes of the partner can be greatly improved. When the partner is upgraded to 3-5 stars, the corresponding skills can be unlocked, providing us with a bonus to our comprehensive combat power.

Promotion five: spiritual pet cultivation

Spirit pets are an important part of the mobile game in Stars, and they are powerful partners of players. Improving the abilities of spirit pets in all aspects can bring us improvements in all aspects, so that our comprehensive combat power will be stronger.

Spirit pet training can be divided into: purification, spirit pet writing books, carrying equipment, and petting.

Eternal Star Change Comprehensive Score
Screen effects: 9 points. Reason: The beautiful world of stars must score high.

Combat experience: 9 points. Reason: smooth action, cool special effects worth 9 points.

Storyline: 10 points. Reason: The important thing about this game is the plot, which is worth exploring in depth.


  • Eternal stars become full of V version
  • Eternal stars become full of V version