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Nine wind and cloud records full version

Nine wind and cloud records full version

  • size: 28.90M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 14:57:08


The full version of Jiu Dao Feng Yun Lu is a very fun Xianxia fantasy world game. All kinds of stories on the rivers and lakes take place here. The complete story content can be fully experienced, let's explore the wonderful adventure of this windy world together.

Nine wind and cloud records full version

Introduction to Nine Paths

The wonderful stories of fantasy are waiting for you to explore, and side quests are also very important.

The rewards are very rich, and you can get the best through the treasure chests rewarded by the task.

There are not only fantastic battles, but also exciting action-adventures.

Nine Roads Fengyunlu mobile game features
Show the strength of every immortal character and get the rarest magic weapon suit;

Unlimited benefits are waiting for players to come and collect them, and the operability is also very good;

You can automatically fight with one key, without you needing to recharge.

An in-depth experience of beautiful and diverse fairyland scenes, a free adventure in different battlefields.

There will be a lot of dungeons in it. Follow the tasks to enjoy the passion of the war, and constantly improve your level.

Unlock more new ways to play, practice in different scenarios, and collect enough materials to strengthen your strength.

Nine Roads Fengyunlu career recommendation
Bachelor Skills:

Long Fan Dance: Inflicts damage to all enemies.

Acacia Feiyan: Inflict damage to 2 enemies and restore their own blood.

Shuangyan Fei also: Deals damage to all enemies and adds a critical strike rate bonus to yourself, lasting 2 rounds.

Swallowing Silence: When using small skills, there is a chance to trigger the combo effect.


The guards use swords as their main weapons. They are mainly used as defensive tanks in the game, and they can be well defended against enemy attacks in the front row. Although the guards are average in group attacks, they can also deal decent damage with single attacks, which is an indispensable profession in the team.

There is no need to worry about no one forming a team when choosing a bodyguard. After all, as the only tank class in the game, it is a must in the team.

Guard Skills:

Jin Ge Slashing Soul: Randomly hits the enemy with 3 damage attacks. If the target is the same person, the damage will decrease each time.

Qi Penetrating Changhong: Attacks a single enemy to cause damage, and this attack ignores part of the opponent's defense.

Illusory Phantom: Deals 5 damage blows to a single enemy.

Daoji Chengtian: If you kill the target, you can attack a random enemy target again, causing a lot of damage.

still food:

Shang Shi is the only auxiliary profession in the game. It can not only restore blood to teammates, but also has high survivability. Although it is not a necessary occupation for the team, if there is still food in the team, the difficulty of the dungeon can be greatly reduced.

Food Skills:

Nectar Jade Liquid: Deals damage to a single enemy and splashes two targets.

Spirit of Delicacy: Increases part of the attack power of the main character of Shang Shi to a single ally, lasting 2 rounds, and has a chance to dispel bad effects.

Perfection: The chef's cooking skills have reached the state of perfection, and the real fire karma swept away, causing damage to 3 enemies, and increasing the damage output of 3 allies within 2 rounds.

Ingenious: Every time it deals damage, it restores part of the HP to the target with the least HP.

Shang Yao

Shang Yao is also an output-type profession, with umbrella as the main weapon, the appearance of the character looks very beautiful with long hair fluttering. Unlike Bachelor, Shang Yao does not have such a high explosive ability, but it is better than Bachelor in continuous output.

Medicine Skills:

Seven-step Heartbroken: Inflicts damage to 3 enemies, and has a chance to cause poison damage with a certain attack power, lasting 2 rounds.

Sealing acupuncture points and cutting pulses: Deals damage to a single enemy, and has a chance to seal small skills.

Nanke Yimeng: Deals damage to 3 enemies and has a chance to stun the target.

Heart Punishment: Every time you deal damage, there is a chance to increase the target's next damage for 2 rounds.

Nine Roads Fengyunlu player reviews
Jiu Dao Feng Yun Lu let us explore the wonderful world of Jiu Dao, the fantasy stories are waiting for you to experience one by one, and there are more professional collocations, add points, and different gameplays waiting for you to choose.


  • Nine wind and cloud records full version
  • Nine wind and cloud records full version
  • Nine wind and cloud records full version