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Swordsman Jianghu kills the gods and the universe

Swordsman Jianghu kills the gods and the universe

  • size: 1.01G
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 14:47:01


Swordsman Jianghu Zhushen Qiankun Welfare Edition allows us to roam the world of Xianxia, ​​and we can fully enjoy every wonderful Jianghu battle in the Jianghu. This game also gives a lot of benefits when it is launched, so that we have more benefits to compete with our opponents.

Swordsman Jianghu Zhu Shen Qiankun Introduction
This game not only gives you very exciting benefits, but also explores more worlds.

In this world, we can experience action fighting and play with cool skills.

The beautiful world of rivers and lakes will start from now on, let's complete our battle together.

Swordsman Jianghu Zhu Shen Qiankun Welfare Edition Welfare
★The recharge ratio is 1:1000, the first recharge is at least double, and the rebate is up to four times! Continuously recharge, receive real recharge cards every day, and a large number of core items are waiting for you;

★Get Bronze Card for VIP16 online within 5 minutes, Silver Card for VIP18 for 35 minutes online, and VIP20 for Gold Card the next day;

★The minimum recharge requires the offline spar return ratio, plus an automatic rebate system! Give you the opportunity to easily become the strongest in the sky, please take our welfare to rule the city of the sky;

★Log in for seven consecutive days to give a real recharge card directly. You can also knock down the fragments of the recharge card to exchange for a real recharge card when you beat the boss, and you can play our games without charging money;

Swordsman Jianghu Zhu Shen Qiankun gameplay features
A variety of different swordsman elements bring new gameplay, and the rich gameplay allows players to experience a new game experience and feel a new fun.

A large number of copies of different items can be freely traded, and a variety of different price settings allow players to enjoy the perfect process.

Massive fighting methods bring a new game process, a new weapon combination brings a new game experience, and various fighting methods experience exciting adventures.

The game uses advanced graphics technology to build an antique game world for players.

Equipment acquisition is so easy that even casual players don’t have to worry about catching up.

Players can use social gameplay to make friends and adventure with you to reap huge rewards.

Swordsman Jianghu Zhu Shen Qiankun Player Comments
Swordsman Jianghu Zhushen Qiankun allows us to enter this world of immortals and experience a very exciting fantasy battle. The stories here are also very rich, and you can enjoy the experience.


  • Swordsman Jianghu kills the gods and the universe
  • Swordsman Jianghu kills the gods and the universe
  • Swordsman Jianghu kills the gods and the universe