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Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version

Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version

  • size: 976.68M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version:
  • type casual games
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 13:08:00


Shanhaibaiwenlu BT version is a very fun game with elements of Shanhaijing. Various mountain and sea exotic beasts are waiting for you to summon, and collecting more exotic beasts can give you an adventure experience of the classics of mountains and seas. The new BT version allows us to receive a lot of benefits when we go online.

Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version

A Brief Introduction

The mountain and sea world with the theme of mountains and seas is waiting for you to play.

A lot of powerful mountain and sea beasts are waiting for you to collect and become the master of the wild.

The diverse lineup is unpredictable, making the gameplay more abundant.

Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version

Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version of mobile game benefits

★ Enter the game and complete the first task to get: 68888 bound ingots, full of the title of supreme;

★Recharge ratio 1:500;

★Recharge 10 yuan to give full V;

★The upgrade speed is adjusted by a full 100 times, and the upgrade speed is the same as by plane;

★Various improvements in daily output, VIP gift packs are not recharged, you can buy them all after playing for a few days;

Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version

How to play Shanhai Baiwenlu
There are a total of six occupations in the game, namely Hero, Mage, Ghost Valley, Mozhe, Heavenly Book, and Medical Immortal. Players can choose a profession to start the game, and then it is almost the same as the page game, and the battle can choose to hang up

And automatic pathfinding (of course, mounts are indispensable, and mounts are obtained by summoning (krypton points × 1)), in short, a little bit (and a task upgrade after killing monsters).

The battle is turn-based, that is, you punch me with a punch (how can there be no pets at this time, the pets are obtained by summoning, similar to the yys draw (krypton point × 2)?).

Players can recruit partners (krypton points × 3) to fight together (most partners are historical and illusory characters, such as Wang Xianzhi, Qingluan, etc.). These partners are recruited. The decisive factor in combat is still equipment, skills and partners

Equipment can be upgraded and inlaid with gems to strengthen (krypton points × 4), partners are currently easier to obtain and there is no difference between s, ssr and star

As long as you have enough soul jade (it feels like the biggest krypton point), you can get the partner you want, but there are two weeks of this week free of praise.

Shanhai Baiwenlu player reviews
Shanhai Baiwenlu allows us to enter the world of Shanhaijing and experience the feeling of collecting mountains and seas. We can also choose a variety of different human occupations and start a fantasy adventure.


  • Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version
  • Shanhai Baiwenlu BT version