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Music Ninja latest version

Music Ninja latest version

  • size: 60.35MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 0.1
  • type Dance music
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-19 10:09:27


Music Ninja Game is a ninja game that combines dance and music. The game is designed to allow players to experience the beautiful feeling of playing and moving while dancing with the music. During the process, you can choose any music you like and follow the beat. So please download it now!

Introduction to Music Ninja Game
Music Ninja Game is a ninja-themed music rhythm mobile game. The game screen is cool and gorgeous. Players control the ninja to explore and adventure in the game. They can freely choose music to challenge and test the player's reaction ability. Partners come and download!

Music Ninja Game Features
1. Exquisite pictures
Gorgeous game graphics with a wide variety of games give you the most exciting experience.

2. Massive level
The levels of large-scale games have different levels of difficulty, please refer to how many levels can be broken through the limit.

3. Too many songs
There are tons of popular songs waiting for you to click so you can keep up with trends and have a good time with the music.

Music Ninja Game Highlights
1. The game screen is very cool, you need a VR device to play the game, wave the controller to cut;

2. Test the player's sense of rhythm. Currently, there are 10 kinds of background music, and scores customized for fitness.

3. Players can customize the score and provide four game difficulty. A level editor will be introduced later.

Music Ninja Game Advantages
1. Different notes and rhythms represent different click targets. It will be rushed at first, but easy later.

2. Randomly appearing click targets will increase the difficulty and challenge of the game, which is extremely high for testing reflexes and visual effects.

Music Ninja Game Review
1. It adopts gorgeous oil painting style design and rhythmic reaction performance. Players need to follow the music background in the game;

2. This is a casual game that tests the player's reflexes and hand speed. Rich game levels bring a lot of fun to players.

Tip: The game package is called "Music Ninja", this version is the mobile version, please download it with confidence!


  • Music Ninja latest version
  • Music Ninja latest version
  • Music Ninja latest version
  • Music Ninja latest version