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heartbeat plan

heartbeat plan

  • size: 298.30MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0.5
  • type Dance music
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-08-23 17:23:51


"Heartbeat Project" is a two-dimensional style music development mobile game. The game screen is beautiful and the gameplay is rich and interesting. Players can dance with the music at any time, and let the dance bloom in your hands through the notes of your fingertips. The game combines two-dimensional and 3D to create a dazzling music and dance stage for players! Don't miss it for gamers who like music.

heartbeat plan

game introduction

"Heartbeat Project" is a 3D idol development music and dance mobile game exclusively represented by good friends. The game integrates elements such as idol cultivation, multi-element dress-up, competition, and casual gameplay. Through various styles of scene maps and diversified Avatar fields Matching, innovative paragraph fighting dance and free idol star development, build a diverse music community. Innovative dance party, star road gameplay, combine real idols with games, and create your own idol development plan!

Game Features
- Numerous scenes, diverse styles, and very interesting.

- Idols have exclusive dialogues with you and feel the feeling of love.

- Movie-level game screen, the performance is very contagious.

- Real interaction, diverse social interaction, players from all over the network can learn awkward dances!

Game Highlights
1. "Heartbeat Project" is a mobile game developed for players who love music, dance and idol cultivation in the second dimension after the launch of "Forest of Lovers" last year. Players like to conduct in-depth market analysis and research, and continue to optimize and improve the game development process, which ensures the quality of the "Heartbeat Project" mobile game, which also lays the foundation for the ultimate user experience in the future. ;

2. Focus on the "Heartbeat Project" mobile game itself, as a two-dimensional mobile game with the theme of a national idol-developed mobile game. The Japanese campus style, exquisite game interface production, fits the pursuit of the ultimate picture of the two-dimensional players. In the game, the characters are presented to the player in a 3D dynamic way, which is different from the flat concept of other two-dimensional dance games. The characters have vivid movements and delicate expressions during the dance process, which further strengthens the sense of substitution in the game;

3. In terms of character setting, "Heartbeat Project" has designed 6 boys and girls with super high value, 3 handsome and sunny boys and 3 girls with full vitality for players to choose at will. The style of vertical paintings is exquisite, and the Japanese style is full of them! Seeing such vertical paintings, are you looking forward to the 3D effect of their incarnation in the game? Not only are they beautiful in appearance, but their personalities are also different. It can be matched with all kinds of exquisite clothing, the beauty is not only the face, but also the appearance of countless clothing, which fully meets the needs of players for "face control";

4. In addition to "Idol Cultivation" with a variety of ways to play, there are also 3D game scenes to provide you with a more realistic idol world. Every character in the game has its own 3D model, and all characters have their own 3D model during the performance. With your own actions and costumes, the game has a variety of backgrounds to choose from on the stage of the game, and the scene shots also switch freely between the close-up of the characters and the panorama of the stage with the ups and downs of the music. When the characters of the second dimension encounter 3D, the breakthrough of the dimension wall is no longer just talk!

gaming strategy
dance training course

Time to improve your dance skills

The afternoon sun is warm, and the "Heartbeat Project" idol academy is also warm and quiet. Open the door of the dance classroom, and your solo dance training is about to start! The wind outside the window blows the floor-to-ceiling white curtains, and the practice room is empty. , turn on the music, select the songs you need to practice, and start your own training seriously!

Single player PK to hone skills

Solo competition, as the name suggests, is a one-on-one contest. After practicing for so long, it's time to test your true strength! The single-player dance showdown is a test of your dancing skills, and there is pressure from competition. , you will better explore your potential, after all, you have many opponents on the road to idol~

Multi-person dance group competes for hegemony idol competition

Improving a person's strength can achieve obvious results in single-player competition, but the debut of an idol team does not depend on the strength of one person. The competition of the dance group is no better than fighting alone. The cooperation with the team members is the most important. Point, not only to improve your own level but also to improve teamwork, are you ready for the challenge?

Confession Skills
One of the nirvanas: secretly change into Ta's favorite clothes and go to the dance classroom to complete a romantic encounter

As a student of Idol Academy, you spend a lot of time on dance training on weekdays. Therefore, if you want to meet someone you like, it is best to choose a dance classroom as a place to stay~ Before going , you need to dress up your appearance meticulously, and the experience gained from practicing clothing matching can finally come in handy! However, the judgment based on your own vision is a bit too subjective, so you need to collect more Ta's Clothing style preferences and the right medicine can ensure that you can have a perfect appearance in this encounter!

Skill summary: With such a high value, you can easily attract Ta's attention.

The second nirvana: meet PK to show off their skills and fight dance, and give Ta a refreshing surprise with dancing postures

In addition to daily training in the academy, everyone will also meet in the competitive dance arena to test whether their training has achieved the expected results. Competitive PK is actually a good place to attract the attention of the other party~ This point is often overlooked by everyone. There are many new students. If you want to attract the attention of the other party in the first time, then choosing a one-on-one PK with Ta is the best option. Directly, let him see your unique and superb dance skills, and I believe you will surely surprise the other party. If you really don't dare to go alone, you might as well call your friends to help out, and form a team to come to a dance troupe to have a little more confidence in PK~

Skill summary: Fall in love and kill each other in the arena, and it is easier to create small sparks of love.

The third nirvana: a well-connected social circle, you can let Ta perceive your heart without saying anything

Socializing is an important part of everyday gaming life. In the daily life of idol academy, the addition of social elements is also indispensable. In the social circle, you can not only have your own confidants and friends, but also gain more knowledge about idol cultivation. The most important thing is that when you are embarrassed to confess directly to the person you like, you can inadvertently pass the news to Ta's ears through the almighty social circle, and then decide the next action plan according to the other party's reaction. Compared with the previous two, although the communication on behalf of the social circle is not direct, it is more secure, so that you can prepare well and have a higher chance of winning~

Skill summary: Friends come to help, many people are powerful, which can effectively avoid embarrassment.

Game Reviews
Wanting to become an idol star, this used to be the beautiful longing of each of us when we were young~ With the passage of time, you are bound by the pressure of your studies, work, and the reality of the environment, so the distant stage is quietly locked by you deep inside. It's time to unseal those dreams! "Heartbeat Project" has built a stage for you in the world of the second dimension. The neon is shining, the stars are shining, and the key to the road to star idols is opened. It's in your hands! The idol academy admissions season has come, let's cultivate yourself to become a much-anticipated idol! Because you are unique!


  • heartbeat plan
  • heartbeat plan
  • heartbeat plan
  • heartbeat plan
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