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rhythm jam

rhythm jam

  • size: 27.01MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • type Dance music
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-05-29 09:40:08


The knowledge-seeking mobile game brings you the download of the rhythm jam game. The operation is very simple. The control point avoids the red object, continuously follows the rhythm, and finally completes the challenge to win. The game tests the player's reflexes. Interested friends can download and try!

rhythm jam

Description of Rhythm Jam Game

This is a simple and challenging entertainment music game. Control points to avoid red objects on the screen and feel the beat along the way. Are you ready? Let the music begin!

When dealing with obstacles, players need to have flexible control skills and excellent countermeasures. Only then can they easily win the game.

Rhythm Jam Game Features
1. There are many different modes, you can try it to get the final champion medal.

2. The success of every challenge is a reward. You can open the box to receive the Mysterious Giant Prize.

3. Add with your friends, enter pk mode, and see who can last to the end in three minutes.

Rhythm Jam Game Guide
1. With the change of music rhythm, the familiar operation adds new gameplay.

2. Observe the red fluorescence in front of you and react quickly.

3. In terms of music rhythm, you can experience the difficulty of the game.

rhythm jam

Rhythm Jam Game Mode
1. In the classic mode, players can click and drop the music symbols with the rhythm of the music in the game, or they can continuously cut the rhythm music symbols by dragging to obtain the most enjoyable game. experience.

2. In the clearance mode, gamers must perform different levels of difficulty in different dungeons, and perform standard music according to the dungeons. The total number of levels can also be arranged in the friend association chain.

3. Star shift mode is another key gameplay that is different from classic mode and refresh mode. After entering the "star movement mode", players can develop the landing position and movement trajectory of the dot symbol according to different ring music, and it is more difficult to touch and drag.

Rhythm Jam Xiaobian Commentary
This is a very interesting music rhythm game. The gameplay is simple, control points to continue the adventure, pay attention to avoid the red items. Many different modes are waiting for you to challenge, download and try!


  • rhythm jam
  • rhythm jam
  • rhythm jam