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idol supersonic

idol supersonic

  • size: 98.96MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.9.0
  • type Dance music
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-07-03 09:54:37


Idol Supersonic mobile version is a mobile game that adopts the Japanese two-dimensional style of idols to develop music rhythm. The content and gameplay of this game are very good, you can experience a new two-dimensional gameplay, super exciting Music gameplay, a lot of game content, dynamic sound effects, original plot content, easy to learn from your fingertips, try different content activities, if you like it, come to the game castle to download this "Idol Supersonic"!

idol supersonic

game introduction

Idol Supersonic" is a music rhythm mobile game that adopts the Japanese two-dimensional style of idol development. It has a delicate and delicate two-dimensional style design. There are many beautiful girls waiting for you to collect and cultivate. There are also different music modes to play. You can shine in the music world, with a lot of popular songs added, you have to master the music rhythm to complete various challenges!

Game Features
1. Come and collect your exclusive idol and experience the feast of music together;

2. Adorable two-dimensional girls, super-burning music tracks, you can experience it;

3. Brisk rhythm, arbitrary blows, and fingertip competition to show a unique style;

4. Exclusive plot presentation, freeze-frame romantic moments, full of infinite surprises.

idol supersonic


1. It combines the two elements of music rhythm and idol development. Each idol has its own unique plot and super luxurious lineup.

2. Participate in the Universal Idol Grand Prix and use your peak music rhythm skills to become a musical talent;

3. Feel the collision of rhythm and music, experience the super refreshing rhythm percussion pleasure, let your mind keep up with your speed.

idol supersonic

gaming strategy

This game perfectly combines idol development and music. It really has 5-star praise, and zero krypton gold can also let you play in the world of music. The advanced currency sonic in it can be obtained through daily tasks. , a little bit of liver and liver will have a ten-line in a week.

Game Highlights
1. Charm idols are online, lovely goddesses are waiting for you to unlock and play with you;

2. Listen to the music feast, show your strength, and challenge different modes;

3. A large number of song challenges, rich competition activities, showing first-class rhythm skills;

4. Show your hand speed and play the exclusive fun. Don't miss it.


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