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Around Europe 2022

Around Europe 2022

  • size: 65.71M
  • platform: 安卓4.4以上
  • Version: v2.0
  • type EMULATORS
  • language: 中文
  • time: 2021-04-01 15:22:24


Travel around Europe 2022 is a very fun game that simulates traveling around the world. This game allows you to travel around Europe by driving various luxury travel buses and experience the fun of various European worlds. There are also a lot of rich benefits, come and experience it together.

Around Europe 2022

About Tour Europe 2021

Drive around in our European cars and travel around European cities.

All kinds of scenery can be enjoyed at will, and players who like it can experience it to the fullest.

There are still many scenes waiting for you to unlock, drive hard to earn prestige points.

Tour Europe 2021 Game Features
Many detailed buses.

Different buses are available.

Click the camera to change the view.

Steering wheel and tilt controls.

Detailed interior design.

Tour around Europe 2021 gameplay guide
Preparing to Lower the Platinum Difficulty

1. When opening a new file, name the company and choose a non-bankruptcy model. This model allows unlimited debt, and you don’t have to worry about having no money to buy a car or hire a driver in the early stage.

2. Enter the game settings and turn off all kinds of passenger events, otherwise they will be tossed to death by them.

3. Before starting the bus, press the touchpad to enter the advanced settings, and turn off the puddles and speed bumps, otherwise you will not be able to drive the bus.

4. Every time you start the driving interface, pay attention to the ticket office. If it is not closed, you must sell the tickets in person and get change.

5. It is best not to drive long cars, including 14 and 18 meters.

6. Ticket evasion cannot be closed, you can park occasionally, leave the driver's seat to check the ticket, and fare evasion passengers will pretend to be innocent.

7. When you want to hit the car and hit the person, press the brake, you can choose to reset the vehicle position to avoid disaster.

Tour Europe 2021 Mission Guide
The game is divided into several chapters, each chapter has corresponding tasks, and the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to complete all the tasks in this chapter, you can unlock new maps and sites corresponding to the next chapter. All trophies except the Collector Cup can be picked up in the process, so don't worry about missing a trophy.

For new routes in the game, you have to drive them yourself, and then assign them to NPC drivers, so that the routes can be profitable. If you haven't opened them, you can directly assign NPCs to open them, and this route will always have zero income. The route that you drive in person must be completed if the income is greater than 0. If there are too many collisions in the middle, the loss is more than the income, resulting in negative income, then the trip is not complete.

There are several stations in the old city where the uplink and downlink stations are on different streets, and only one station is counted. If there is a requirement to link this station, only one link is required, and there is no need to link both the uplink and the downlink.

Bus stops have levels, and you can increase the level of the station by stopping at this stop more. The driving mode will be selected before each drive, including loop, round-trip, etc. Some tasks have such driving requirements.

In the route planning interface, press L3 to view the tasks. The tasks can be done according to the literal description. The following are some ways to complete the slightly difficult tasks.

Tour Europe 2021 Player Reviews
Tour Europe 2021 is a very fun driving game, drive our European bus, experience various real driving sensations and enjoy the scenery of various European cities.


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  • Around Europe 2022
  • Around Europe 2022