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car wash service station

car wash service station

  • size: 62.50M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type EMULATORS
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 16:18:14


Car Wash Service Station is a very fun car wash game. Whether you have a stain obsessive-compulsive disorder, today this game will help you decompress, let's run a car wash service station, clean all kinds of messy cars, and restore the cleanest surface.

car wash service station

Introduction of car wash service station

This game can perfectly cure your obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Friends who like to play simulation management must not miss this game.

There are also a lot of scenes and more advanced facilities, enough for you to experience.

Car Wash Service Station Game Features
This multi-car wash and vacant auto repair shop has four sections.

Among them, an idle car wash mechanic performs various tasks of car wash service workshop, car driving and parking.

This city car wash station has amazing animations,.

To remove dirt from car, wash car, change oil and change tires from auto tire shop.

A multi car wash mechanic trying to perform duties in other idle car wash and auto repair shop.

For example tuning, car color, paint job, car polish, car driving and parking.

Car wash service station gameplay highlights
In order to provide customers with excellent idle car wash garage services to suit their needs, there are many difficult tasks for the perfect car wash.

When the car enters the multi-purpose car wash, remove the dirt from the car and start the car wash.

This ultimate idle car wash game is an idle car wash where car wash tire shop will provide complete service for all idle car repair needs.

So accept the challenge of ultimate idle car wash mechanic garage service and get ready for hours of fun.

After the idle car wash cleaning service is complete, the car driving and parking games journey will begin to drive the car to the auto wash oil changing service.

Now it's time to change the tires, drive the car to the car tire shop and complete the garage repair service. When everything is done, park the car.

Complete missions in multiple car wash and idle car repair workshop missions. What are you waiting for!

Let's start car wash in idle auto car wash service workshop and have a lot of fun.

Enjoy idle car wash garage service workshop activity for your cute smart car and complete idle car wash garage workshop tasks.

Have fun from car driving and parking games adventure. Good luck!!

Car wash service station reviews
Car Wash Service Station is a very fun car wash game. In this game, you can choose our car service as much as you like to get a better business experience. The screen is also very casual, allowing you to decompress.


  • car wash service station
  • car wash service station
  • car wash service station