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Komori Life Cloud Game

Komori Life Cloud Game

  • size: 13.71M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v3.8.2
  • type EMULATORS
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 09:44:42


Komori Life Cloud Game is an independent cloud game. You don't need to download huge game resources. You only need 10M-20M of space to let you play this very healing little fresh farming game, and it is exactly the same as the original version. The content does not need to be updated yet.

Komori Life Cloud Game

Komori Life Cloud Game Introduction
It is an independent Komori life cloud game app software provided by Tencent Xianyou.

The latest version allows you to play the complete content of Komori's life in the national service.

The operation is very simple, the picture quality is clear, and you can play with the Internet without taking the configuration of the mobile phone.

Komori Life Cloud Game

Komori Life Cloud Game Appointment Rewards

【Reservation for milestone events】

10W person: physical rice ball*5, golden shell*400

25W people: Catnip*5, Reciprocity*5, exclusive avatar frame

45W people: Izumiya skin coupon*1, Komori prayer charm*10, exclusive suit

Komori Life Cloud Game

Komori life cloud game password redemption code














Exchange method:

In-game "Event" - "Welfare" - "Gift Package Code Redemption", click "Go Now" to jump to the CDKEY redemption page, enter the gift package code for redemption, and prompt that the redemption is successful, return to the in-game mobile phone mailbox to view and receive the corresponding award.

Komori Life Cloud Game

Komori Life Cloud Game Novices Entering the Village Raiders

About Krypton Gold

The monthly card in this game is very important, because the monthly card sends four prayers, and a considerable part of the materials are obtained through prayers. The monthly card also increases the movement speed by 50% to facilitate running maps, and it will be more uncomfortable for players with zero charge. . The krypton gold of other aspects (clothing, furniture, hairstyle) depends on personal preference.

Recommendations for prayer materials

Praying for the four gods, you can obtain fish, agricultural products, wood resources, wild resources, and mineral resources respectively.

Saturn is the key to getting rich. In point 8, I will mention how to use Saturn to make money. At the beginning, I only needed to buy tomatoes and potatoes to make fries, which were used to level up the cooking level. They were also the main source of physical strength, and they were cheap to buy.

I basically keep the rice balls for no use, and eat them when I need them especially, because the upper limit of the rice balls is 99, which saves a lot of grids. I can stack ten french fries, and I can eat them anytime if I don’t have enough energy. Animal fur can also be bought in a set (99) spare, which is very cheap. After the fries are done, start to stock up on milk (one of the raw materials of eggplant tempura, stock up as much as you have)!!! Watermelon and sugar cane also need to be stocked up when they appear.

Forest God and Mine God can buy whatever materials they need in the early stage.

Poseidon just fills the crucian carp with no hesitation, one group is enough, whether it is cooking pot or making small dried fish, it is very good, although fishing has a chance to produce rice balls. But don't go fishing deliberately, it's useless in the early stage.

purchase of seeds

There is a limit of 20 different seeds per day. It is only recommended to buy tomatoes and potatoes on the first day. These two seeds can be obtained in large quantities and not expensive. Planting them is just a waste of physical strength and fatigue. The rest are guaranteed to have a set of 99 in the warehouse. Just do what you need to do and plant them. They mature faster. If there is no one-click sowing and harvesting, farming will feel very tiring.

map debuff

Maps other than Novice Forest are affected by various weather and environmental factors. If there is no countermeasure, physical strength will continue to decline. Decrease by five every thirty seconds. Some maps will also have two debuffs at the same time, which will be annoying when we collect materials. There are two countermeasures below.

1. The most practical method in the early stage is to cook a pot. After unlocking the pot, make a few pots in the processing place, and then put five fish in it. It is recommended for the fish to pray for 30 minutes of full attribute resistance after eating. Wave it.

2. Making Resistant Clothes

The first-level clothing room can be used as a rainproof and anti-black suit, and it is more convenient to directly pray for all the materials needed.

The secondary clothing room can be used for wind and heat resistance and cold resistance suits, mainly using woolen wool, which is not sold in Wool Prayers. It can be obtained by catching sheep in the Moon Shadow Forest, and it is recommended to only catch gray sheep.

The third-level garment room can make anti-fog and anti-poison suits, and it is recommended to directly pray for all the materials needed.

There are cold-resistant hats and shoes in the fourth-level clothing room, and a set of cold-resistant dresses in the second-level clothing room.

ps: Mother-in-law's lottery will also have a high chance of drawing resistant clothes.

About the storage box

When it comes to the storage box, let’s talk about the backpack first. The upper limit of the backpack is 100 grids, which will increase during the public beta. You need to use shells and diamonds to expand. Non-Krypton gold players will open all the grids that can be opened by shells at the beginning. Don’t be reluctant, just now It's easy to get full at the beginning, so you can drive as many as you can, saving a lot of trouble and time.

For diamond players, it depends on personal needs, and I recommend it to be fully open. The first-level storage box can be obtained by following the main line. The high-level box can be exchanged for blueprints at the carpenter's ore. In fact, there is no need to make the low-level storage box. What we need to do at this time is to promote the main line, which requires a lot of materials. In the early stage, it is enough to stack a first-class box. The box with the largest capacity is of course the premium box bought in the mall, with a capacity of 200 diamonds in 80 grids.

ways to make money

It takes a lot of money to upgrade the main line in the early stage. The first seven or eight levels are enough to sell equipment and furniture. The clothes and furniture that you like and don’t like are sold in the lottery and quests. Don’t think about collection control, as long as you get Anything that has been passed will leave a picture book, which is equivalent to your collection. On the third floor of the mine, there are about 100 of them, and they can sell for 50,000 gold coins.

Front focus!!

The main source of economy in this game is cooking. The price of cooking is related to your cooking level, and the upper limit of cooking level is related to the kitchen level. So at the beginning of the game, you need to make a lot of French fries to improve the cooking level, and then start the main line to improve the kitchen level as soon as possible. When you have accumulated a lot of eggplant and milk, you can start to make a small fortune for the first time---eggplant tempura. That's why I said that I bought enough tomatoes and potatoes to buy milk. Compared with other recipes, the materials are simple and easy to obtain.

Komori Life Cloud Game

Komori Life Cloud Game Review

Komori Life Cloud Game is a very fun open-world game. In this game, we can directly click to start our Komori life journey, and also experience a variety of rich battles.


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