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Ice Flame Single Occupation

Ice Flame Single Occupation

  • size: 3.69M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 11:59:19


Bingyan single professional BT version is a very smooth and fun blood battle game. In this game, you can experience the legendary game of ice and fire, and this game has a lot of benefits, enough for you to enjoy the legend Wonderful world.

Introduction to the single professional BT version of Bingyan
This game has a lot of BT benefits, and you can get it directly when you go online.

Let's feel the fun of the legendary world together and return to the bloody time.

All kinds of fashion upgrades will be sent, and you can have a whole set of suits at full level.

Frozen single professional BT version legend features
Knife crit, blood boiling, you will pick up powerful weapons at any time and enjoy the joy of PK duel.

Unlimited sparring adventures, in-depth new map battles, and free matching of super weapons and equipment.

Whether it is solo or team PK, let you enjoy hearty bloody battles and play in the legendary world.

The output of blood at your fingertips, super combat skills, brave exploration, and start a wonderful battle.

Every adventure matchup is exciting, super power output, destroying all opponents.

A lot of combinations of weapons and equipment, to deal with different enemies, enjoy the battle, and enjoy the excitement of the battle.

Bingyan single professional BT version 1-20 upgrade strategy
The main task

Don't worry about finding monsters when doing the main line, because the main line quest monsters will have additional markings, and the task monsters are prefixed with <main line>. To do the main quest, you can search for each NPC in the map, or click directly to the right. If there are little flying shoes, you can instantly reach the NPC. The world map can be directly reached by clicking on the map, which is very convenient.

2. Copy

3. Hang up

For players who are a little lazy, you can find a place to hang up, open a double, and wait for the upgrade. But it should be noted that the settings of red and blue should be appropriate, it is recommended to team up to upgrade, you can get an additional 110% experience bonus.

4. Other

(1) Level 15 will enable "equipment synthesis". By synthesizing higher-level equipment to improve combat effectiveness, it will make the road to upgrade easier.

(2) When you upgrade to level 18, daily tasks and side tasks will be added. Daily tasks can be done up to five times a day, but there is a lot of experience. If you use ingots to gain more experience, you can probably upgrade to about 4 levels in a row.

(3) When you reach level 20, the "Devil" system is turned on, and the upgrade will become easier and easier. At this time, the game is probably familiar to you. There are also event calendars and veteran cheats in the game interface to help you understand the game better!

(4) Of course, if you are already lazy to a certain extent, you can go offline directly, and the system will automatically enter the on-hook mode. When you go online again, you can easily get a lot of experience.

Bingyan single professional BT version review
Bingyan single-professional BT version is a single-professional game that allows you to enjoy the legend of ice and fire, super cool gold playing experience, abnormal online benefits, every element can make you fall in love with this game.


  • Ice Flame Single Occupation
  • Ice Flame Single Occupation
  • Ice Flame Single Occupation
  • Ice Flame Single Occupation