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Rainbow Moon Legend

Rainbow Moon Legend

  • size: 3.62M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 17:55:32


Legend of the Rainbow Moon is a legendary game that focuses on competitive gameplay, in which players can enjoy the ultimate high-definition picture, and also have super shocking combat effects. , is to let players have fun, come and download the experience, feel the blood and passion!

Rainbow Moon Legend mobile game introduction
1. Powerful game world BOSS, cool skill battle screen, the game is quite enthusiastic and surprising!

2. Ultra-high game drop rate, defeat dangerous game copies, and easily swim in it anytime, anywhere!

3. Get to know more partners, easily form a team to fight in the game, and improve our game strength!

Rainbow Moon legend mobile game highlights
1. Rich game copies, easily explore them anytime, anywhere, and team up with friends freely!

2. Increase our game strength, gorgeous game screen, immerse in our game!

3. Fight against powerful BOSS to increase the strength of players, and the exciting duel will be shown in front of you for the first time!

Rainbow moon legend mobile game
1. Ten thousand people compete on the same stage, swear to defend the city to the death, duel on the battlefield, and enjoy this exciting battle content. Join now.

2. The quest rewards are rich. There are main quests, side quests, group quests, etc. in the game, and each quest has different rewards.

3. One-stop AI to hang up and fight monsters, no complicated settings are required, and it can be turned on with one key. There is also offline automatic practice, so that your level will not fall behind.

Rainbow Moon legend mobile game advantages
1. The characters and monsters in the game all adopt the newly designed high-quality models, with more natural movements and delicate and vivid images.

2. The charm of infinite magic cave trial confrontation gameplay allows you to stage a massacre feast at any time, and there are unparalleled stories waiting for you to experience.

3. Powerful cute pets are waiting for you to develop freely, as well as a rich social interaction system, and a lot of rare equipment is waiting for you to snatch.

4. Free PK fighting and fighting that shakes the world. Perfect control with your fingertips to open the job transfer and rebirth system, making you the most domineering legendary warrior.

Rainbow Moon legend resource acquisition strategy
main mission:

I believe that many legendary mobile games have this kind of gameplay. This main quest is currently the simplest, and it is still a relatively popular one. It depends on the simple content of his quest and the rich rewards. Here, players can get a lot of equipment and prop rewards in addition to ingot rewards. At the same time, he is also our main source of resources when resources are scarce in the early stage, so it is recommended that players do this task first.

Top-up purchase:

This form is currently one of the fastest and quickest ways to get a lot of ingots in this mobile game, but it requires players to recharge with rmb, but the recharge here can stack VIP levels and receive exclusive gift packs.

Boss drops:

This is still very simple, but there are certain requirements for combat power. First of all, this boss can be divided into many types, such as dungeon bosses, level bosses, etc. After successfully challenging the boss, you can get a lot of ingots. At the same time, here There are still a lot of equipment drops, etc. If it is a dungeon boss, it depends on what kind of dungeon it is. The dungeon of any material can drop anything. At the same time, players can get ingots by challenging more levels, some The level still overlaps with the main quest. If this is the case, we will be able to receive double rewards.

Legend of the Rainbow Moon Xiaobian Review
Legend of the Rainbow Moon is a very good game to play. It can bring players a very good and interesting game experience, and it has many benefits and does not cheat money. It is a good legendary game worth playing for a long time. Interested friends Come download and experience this very fun game!


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