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Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King

Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King

  • size: 3.56M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 11:16:53


Dark Dragon Legend Supreme King is a very fun legendary game. Players can experience the most refreshing battles here, and the game has delicate retro graphics. Now download and log in to this game to send massive gift packages. Taoist priests can also It is easy to recruit dogs. Players who like legendary games must not miss this very fun game, which will definitely satisfy all the friends!

Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King

Features of the Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King
1. Super strong combat combination skills, many people gather together, all kinds of monsters are waiting for you to challenge.

2. The awesome battle is on the stage, the crazy output is non-stop, and you can get god-level equipment online.

3. Superb visual enjoyment, splendid and wonderful tactics, and a variety of wonderful new gameplays are presented.

Introduction of the Supreme King of Dark Dragon Legend
1. Excellent battlefield settings, extreme damage output, and various combat gameplay.

2. One-knife crit hits the screen full of explosives, and all kinds of special effects skills are presented, so be sure to focus.

3. The new battle is gorgeously launched, the ultimate combat gameplay is upgraded, and the super combat power explodes damage.

The advantage of the supreme king of Dark Dragon
1. Each professional role has different training methods and different training attributes;

2. Players need to rely on their own efforts, and then continue to make their characters stronger and stronger.

3. Players need to choose their own occupations and then train them. The occupations are still the three classic occupations.

Highlights of the Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King
1. The operation is convenient and simple, support offline hang up and quickly start the battle with friends, and release skills instantly with one key;

2. Classic dinner modes such as cross-server hegemony, treasure hunting, guild attacking sand, PK explosives, etc., you can find everything here;

3. The offline hang-up gameplay allows you to free your hands, and you can get rich rewards when you go online, and the explosion rate is very high.

Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King Novice Guide

After logging into the game, there is an announcement option on the selection screen. First go to see the time of the new area, choose a district server that has just opened or a district server that will open a new district soon. After entering the game, it is recommended to purchase the first 300 yuan to buy a sponsorship with Wulin Supreme, because Wulin Supreme can be directly reported to 4th rank (send bound ingots, 1st to 4th rank proof, 4th rank proves that only the boss level has a high probability) Of course, the white prostitute can also go to the 4th rank by fighting monsters and collecting materials, but Ah Qi still suggests that you can recharge 100 yuan to get a diamond member first, because in this way you can make gold without binding or set up a stall, so that you can make money from trading.

how to play

Then when playing, let's not foolishly go to the map prompted by the system to play God of War, eight sets of equipment such as Qingfeng, with the first rush weapon, open a frenzy, and easily enter the sponsored map (left side of Tucheng: Lost in the dungeon, sleepy Demon, Huangquan), hit a few monsters and explode the equipment to complete the task, high-level equipment is counted as low-level, (for example, hitting blood will offset the breeze equipment task)

After the 4th turn, open the Berserk 2000 Spirit Talisman, improve the official position, increase the explosion rate, advance the mini-map to spawn monsters, (the mysterious canyon in the upper left corner of the Tucheng) just explode a few pieces of equipment, everything can be exploded! Including the ultimate equipment, the early stage people compare If you can go to the new world, the rate of spawning monsters is relatively good. If there are too many monsters and few people behind you, you can click a few gods and demons to enter the dark forest (more ingots, good equipment), more monsters refresh faster, 20,000 yuan treasure Tickets, no consumption for entering the map, playing ingots, playing a good map of equipment. The early stage is to compete for resources, and whoever takes off first is the most powerful.


Increase the explosion rate: official position, equipment attributes, title sponsorship

Improve your own attributes: reincarnation level, equipment enhancement, life-defying change, bonus points of gods and demons, violent power

Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King Xiaobian evaluation
I personally like the legendary game Dark Dragon Legend Supreme King very much. There is a lot of content in the game, and there are a lot of interesting ways to play. The overall experience is quite good. As the latest legendary game in 2021, the screen performance is also very good. Not bad, players who like it must not miss it!


  • Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King
  • Dark Dragon Legend of the Supreme King