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Supreme Crit Legend Discount Edition

Supreme Crit Legend Discount Edition

  • size: 3.63M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 13:26:42


Extreme Crit Legend Discount Edition is a legendary game with a lot of rich discounts. In this legendary game, you can show your fighting skills to your heart's content, let us easily get the legendary gameplay you want, just go online It is very exciting to be able to obtain fashion.

Supreme Crit Legend Discount Edition

Introduction to the Legend of Supreme Crit

This discounted legend game is very fun and has a blast of combat feel.

Every day, you can draw surprise discounts and buy more items at low prices.

Knife crit, knife cutting is not a dream, just go and build equipment.

Extreme Crit Legend Discount Edition Game Features
The mount development system can also continuously help you to break through the advanced stage, and strive to make yourself the overlord of the sand city;

There are many plot tasks, unlock more copies to go to different battlefields, kill the most terrifying monsters in the battle to help yourself become stronger;

All kinds of terrifying monsters in the Marfa world are waiting for you to fight. Conquer these mythical beasts and use them as mounts for yourself. The stronger the beasts, the greater your strength.

There are many career choices, each character has a different fighting style, and the more unique the career, the more passionate the battle;

The domineering dragon slaying knife is free to receive, and various rare magic weapons can be freely combined. Players can combine different artifacts to make their combat power soar;

The most flexible attack makes the battle more shocking, and you can learn from other masters and use the strongest means to help yourself kill the enemy.

Supreme crit legend spirit stone guide
The spirit stone system can only be opened when the server you are in is in for 8 days or more. Players can find the "Lingshi" icon through the menu bar at the bottom and enter the Lingshi interface. In the spirit stone interface, you can inlay various spirit stones on the artifact equipment on your body to enhance the attribute effect of the artifact.

At present, the spirit stone system provides four kinds of spirit stones: attack spirit stone, material defense spirit stone, magic defense spirit stone, and violent injury spirit stone, which can be inlaid for everyone. There are different levels of spirit stones. The higher the spirit stone level, the higher the spirit stone attribute bonus.

Before you need to inlay the spiritual stone, you must unlock the hole of the spiritual stone before you can do the inlay operation. The opening of the hole in the spiritual stone requires the use of Tiangong cone props, which can be purchased with ingots or spirit talismans. Different artifacts have different unlocking conditions for each spiritual stone hole position, and the number of Tiangong cones required is not exactly the same.

If you want to get spiritual stones, you can challenge the bosses in the demon altar more, and you can drop some spiritual stones as rewards. You can get more advanced spirit stones through the spirit stone upgrade function.

Extreme Crit Legend Review
Supreme Crit Legend is a legendary game with a very low price. All kinds of exciting battles are very exciting. The advantage of buying at a low price is that you can increase your combat power a lot for a small amount of money.


  • Supreme Crit Legend Discount Edition
  • Supreme Crit Legend Discount Edition
  • Supreme Crit Legend Discount Edition