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Great Wall Hits High Explosive Edition

Great Wall Hits High Explosive Edition

  • size: 3.54M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 11:32:36


The Great Wall Combine High Explosion Edition is a very passionate and legendary game, all kinds of bloody tasks are waiting for you to complete, fifty times the explosion rate of various green poison sets, ice and snow sets, gold sets, etc. can be easily collected. Qi, want to experience how powerful these suits are? Just click to download.

Great Wall Strike

Introduction to the Great Wall

This game gives you a lot of ways to play, you can experience them one by one.

When you go online, there will be welfare packages, and the novice challenge BOSS can be easily eliminated.

There are also many quest rewards, and one quest can be half-full.

Game Features
The popularity is extremely high and the explosion rate is extremely high, so you don't have to worry about ingots at all, the Dragon Slayer Sword and the Green Poison Dog can be easily obtained;

Voice team making friends, free trading, 10,000 people on the same screen, 1,000 people attacking the sand, unlimited attack speed, and the best start will be sent;

There are players playing gold online all day, the picture is super clear, the boss can explode everything, absolutely playable.

Different dungeons have different mechanisms and gameplay. Bring your brothers together to form a team to open a black hole and create your own dynasty;

The whole set of magical costumes will be sent online, and players will compete online throughout the day. There are many ways to play, more equipment, more top products, and more benefits;

100% recycled equipment, cool special effects, classic three-professional legends, and bosses can also explode unexpected equipment.

Great Wall Combined Raiders
In the game, both characters and heroes have the function of reincarnation. If players want to improve the character or hero level, in addition to sacrificing the level to exchange for the value of cultivation, they can also consume some items of the reincarnation pill to exchange for some reincarnation cultivation. The game's reincarnation pills can be divided into two types: character reincarnation pills and hero reincarnation pills, which are suitable for characters and heroes respectively. The use level of these two kinds of reincarnation pills is 80 or above, and the two cannot be used interchangeably.

Depending on the size of these reincarnations, the amount of reincarnation cultivation they contain is different. At present, there are two types of Legendary Reincarnation Pills: Character/Hero Advanced Reincarnation Pill and Character/Hero Super Reincarnation Pill, which contain 50,000 reincarnation cultivation value and 500,000 reincarnation cultivation value respectively. Players only need to directly double-click these reincarnation pills to use these reincarnation pills to increase the reincarnation cultivation value of the corresponding points for the character or hero. You can go to the character reincarnation interface or the hero reincarnation interface to inquire.

When the player accumulates enough reincarnation cultivation value, they can reincarnate the character or hero in the corresponding reincarnation interface, improve the reincarnation level of the character or hero, so as to obtain more reincarnation attributes, and can wear more advanced reincarnation equipment , to improve their comprehensive strength. If players want to get the props of the reincarnation pill, they can buy them through the mall, or they may get the props from some recharge packages, such as daily recharge packages, national celebration recharge rewards, etc.

Great Wall of China reviews
Great Wall Combo is a very fun legendary Combo game. All kinds of Combo skills are very powerful. There are also bonuses when you go online. The explosion rate is very high, and the battle is very cool. After playing for a little time, the more you play, the more addicting it becomes.


  • Great Wall Hits High Explosive Edition
  • Great Wall Hits High Explosive Edition
  • Great Wall Hits High Explosive Edition