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9pkst magic high explosive version

9pkst magic high explosive version

  • size: 4.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-07 10:14:59


9pkst Shentu high-explosive version is a brand-new online Shentu game. It mainly focuses on high-difficulty dungeons, which is a big challenge for players. There are also a lot of tasks and welfare contents waiting for players to experience and get started. It is easy and simple, and it is also super refreshing to play. Hardcore players who like difficult Shentu games must not miss it!

9pkst high-explosive gift package code
wcyx666: 50000 Binding Yuan*10. Phantom Feather*20. Strengthening Stone*150

lb888: 50,000 Binding Yuan*10. Soul Orb Fragment (Medium)*10. Gem Fragment (Medium)*10

9pkst magic features
The first single-professional legendary classic mobile game masterpiece, with the most delicate style of painting and original legendary gameplay;

Added game combined combat skills, supports the release of multiple hero skills, and improves the combat efficiency of players fighting monsters and upgrading.

There is also a chance to explode the best equipment in the wild, which makes you feel that this game is still very fair.

Heroes from all walks of life gather together, and a variety of different adventure tasks are waiting for you to complete, unlimited monsters, and easy access to a lot of experience points.

9pkst Shentu high-explosive version advantages
Very unique game style, take you to experience a lot of legendary copies, ingots can also be recycled

You can also get rich by playing gold, with an 800% ultra-high explosion rate, the world of gold has been opened;

9pkst has no ingots in the way of the gods. If he is poor, he can fight against the God of Wealth.

The explosion rate is very high, and you can prepare 3 sets of equipment, so that you can switch careers at will according to the situation.

High-explosive bosses will appear randomly in the field of monsters, and there is a chance to obtain the best weapons.

Wearing costumes can also increase your own attack special effects and various buffs, making it easier for you to fight monsters

9pkst magic way to play
Click on the "Prestige" icon at the bottom of the main interface of 9pkst to enter the Prestige system. Prestige can bring basic attribute bonuses of life, physical attack, magic attack, and road attack to the character. As the prestige increases, the attribute bonuses will also increase. At the same time, prestige also brings the prestige effect of deterrence. When attacking a player whose prestige is lower than his own, the damage is increased by an additional 7%.

According to the division of grades, prestige is divided into several grades. Players can be automatically promoted to prestige and get attribute bonuses when their prestige value reaches the conditions.

At 0:00 every day, the system will recycle the prestige value based on the player's current prestige. The higher the prestige level, the more prestige points will be recovered. When the prestige value is insufficient, the player's prestige level will be automatically reduced. The system will re-rank the prestige according to the prestige level every day.

If you don't want your prestige level to drop, you need to get enough prestige all the time. The sources of prestige are diverse. Players can obtain prestige points through activities such as prestige tasks, passion retreats, night battles, and dragon city hegemony. Players should participate more in activities, and it should not be a problem to improve the prestige system!

9pkst Shentu Raiders
When a Taoist priest participates in the Taoist attack link, in fact, when he participates in the PK link, it has a very important relationship with the personal strength and damage proficiency of the Taoist priest, and because the Taoist priest in the game has a very important relationship with the use of skills in the game. Magic release will be more skilled.

Therefore, if you go to pass the Taoist PK Taoist in the game, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to try to avoid the situation of head-to-head combat with the attack method in the sf999 game, which will be very unfavorable for both.

Therefore, when the Taoist priest and the Taoist priest go to the frontal PK in the game, the Taoist priest will be able to detect the use of the game skills of the other Taoist priest in time in the game, so for the Taoist priest player, it will be very unfavorable, even if it is the opponent Taoist priest game. When the skill is released, it will be very fatal if it misses a hit, so Taoist priests must pay attention.

Therefore, when the Taoist priests must fight in the game, it is most beneficial to enter the PK link from the side, and they must go ahead and use the very powerful sleep spell in the game to make better restrictions first. The attack of the opponent's Taoist priest is the most appropriate attack method, and it is necessary to pay attention to the release of the trapping magic spell of the opponent's Taoist priest. important.

9pkst Shentu Xiaobian Evaluation
9pkst Shentu this game is quite good to play, and the high-explosive setting allows players to not spend a lot of time on brushing equipment, which can save time for difficult dungeons, and the game also intimately shoots the voice mode, It is absolutely satisfying to allow players to easily exchange tactics in it!


  • 9pkst magic high explosive version
  • 9pkst magic high explosive version
  • 9pkst magic high explosive version