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Double Attack and Slay the Dragon

Double Attack and Slay the Dragon

  • size: 3.60M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-05 11:11:16


Double Attack and Dragon Slayer Accelerated Edition is a super refreshing and hot-blooded legend game where players can experience the most hot-blooded duel challenges, and there are also super hot-blooded battles. The game has many benefits and super fun. I like it Friends who play legends, come and download and experience it, it will definitely make all legend lovers have a good time!
Double Attack Dragon Mobile Game Features:
1. There are many classic legendary adventure games here, and you will have many copy challenges here.

2. With a high explosion rate, players can easily get a lot of weapons and equipment by fighting mobs.

3. There are many equipment with different attributes in the game, players can trade equipment according to their own needs.

The highlights of Double Attack and Dragon Slayer mobile game:
1. The gameplay of the game is very free, you can experience these fierce battles through various pvp battles.

2. Generous benefits, free gifts of various top-quality costumes and event sprees are waiting for the arrival of players.

3. Players can also freely cultivate various attributes of characters to make them more powerful.

Double Attack and Dragon Slayer Mobile Game:
Detailed explanation of the gold strategy:

01RMB Consignment: Obtain RMB points through the "RMB Point Reward" function, and RMB points can be used for direct consignment withdrawal to earn cash. The withdrawal ratio is 1:1 (1RMB point is equal to 1 yuan).

02 Welfare dungeon: There is a chance to refresh the "Welfare BOSS" in any map. Killing has a chance to open a special welfare dungeon. There is a "Super Welfare BOSS" in the dungeon. Defeating the boss has a chance to randomly drop the above welfare prizes. The minimum value is 1rmb, and the maximum value is 8888 yuan, which can be exchanged for the equivalent RMB points. (This event is permanent and open for a long time. If you want to enter the welfare boss copy, there is a hidden condition, that is, you must basically kill the "welfare boss" manually to have a chance to enter)

03 Time-limited rewards: There are more than 200 limited-time rewards in the new area to send RMB points, and RMB points will be automatically rewarded when you hit materials and equipment. It is simple and convenient. (Items will not be recovered for receiving limited-time rewards, only items that have been released from monsters can participate in the event, and gifts or synthesis cannot be participated)

04RMB point recycling: You can get a lot of RMB points through recycling if you hit excess rare materials and equipment, or you can buy it back through equipment repurchase (this reward is only open before the area is merged, and it will be closed after the area is merged)

05 Player transactions: equipment, materials, and game currency are of high value and do not depreciate. There are multiple transaction methods, which are convenient and simple, and can also be directly traded in cash to other players.

06 Asura Tower: The open area will give priority to the Asura dungeon. The first kill 100% will drop advanced sword armor equipment. All map bosses have a chance to drop Shura token fragments, which can be used to synthesize advanced Shura tokens.

07 Account recovery: In order to give back to players and protect players' rights and interests, the account recovery function is specially launched, with a total of 13 recovery options, and the recovery value ranges from 500-10,000 yuan. Those who meet multiple requirements at the same time will be recycled according to the highest reward.

A brief review of the Dragon Slayer mobile game:
1. Players can invite brothers to fight Marfa together to unlock more gameplay, and players can also team up with brothers to open the black!

2. There are a lot of activities waiting for players to participate in the game 24 hours a day. The game is a must-have legendary game for casual players!

3. Players can experience the blood and excitement of various classic legendary games online!

Double Attack and Dragon Slayer Review
This game is a very conscientious game in the legendary game. The content in the game is super diverse, and it can definitely bring players a lot of different experiences. Friends who like legends, come and download and experience it. !


  • Double Attack and Slay the Dragon
  • Double Attack and Slay the Dragon
  • Double Attack and Slay the Dragon