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Shadowmoon Artifact Legend

Shadowmoon Artifact Legend

  • size: 3.63M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-04 10:56:57


Shadowmoon Artifact Legendary Gold Edition gives you the most enjoyable gold-playing legend experience. What is gold-playing? It is a way to get ingots and points by selling explosive equipment. This game takes this kind of gameplay to the extreme and preserves the value of equipment at a high price, so that every friend who likes to play gold can get more benefits. This game has a lot of benefits, you can send it when you go online, come and download it to experience it.

Shadowmoon Artifact Legend Introduction
This is a retro game that restores the most classic original legend.

There are many benefits, so that every novice can fully experience the fun of legend.

The online combat power can break one million, or even ten million. Upgrade, more convenient to fight monsters and more exciting.

Shadowmoon Artifact Legends Gold Edition Game Features

Popular legend, waiting for you to fight, large map scene, free exploration, more surprises for you;

Massive combat gameplay modes, challenge at will, go to battle Marfa, and start the imperial city hegemony;

A variety of battle and competition gameplay, team up with friends to compete, cross-server battles, and gain a lot of rewards.

If the betting speed is full, killing monsters can get beautiful clothes, and you can relax quietly without spending money;

Show the panorama game map, any center can be found in the game map;

Join a crowd of hundreds anytime, anywhere, show your enthusiasm in the city, and launch battles in real time.

Shadowmoon Artifact Legend Personal Boss Raiders

When players open the free membership system, they can challenge the corresponding personal BOSS, which just corresponds to the free membership level. You can get a new personal BOSS every time you increase the free membership level by 1 level. At present, there are a total of 11 personal bosses in the mobile game, including the bronze leader, the silver leader, the gold leader, the platinum leader, the diamond leader, the star leader, the king leader, the glory leader, the holy leader, the eternal leader, and the supreme leader.

If you want to challenge personal BOSS, you can enter and find the personal BOSS list through the "Boss Challenge" icon at the top of the interface, and you can see which personal BOSS you can currently challenge. If you want to challenge various personal bosses, you must first prepare enough [Dungeon Scroll] props, which can be purchased in the mall or obtained from events.

The more advanced personal bosses you enter, the more [Dungeon Scrolls] will be consumed. However, the more advanced personal BOSS we challenge, the more chance to drop better equipment and material rewards. When you defeat various personal bosses, you can drop black iron pickaxes, spiritual feathers, reincarnation equipment and other rewards.

Shadowmoon Artifact Legend Review

Shadow Moon Artifact Legend is a game that allows you to experience the gold-playing experience of the bloody artifact legend. It is really cool to play gold here. You don’t have to worry about not being able to drop monsters in seconds, and you will drop a lot of equipment after killing monsters. It is very convenient to directly exchange for ingots with one click.


  • Shadowmoon Artifact Legend
  • Shadowmoon Artifact Legend
  • Shadowmoon Artifact Legend
  • Shadowmoon Artifact Legend