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Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife

Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife

  • size: 3.46M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 14:18:30


The poisonous artifact Metamorphosis Knife is a more refreshing game than the green poison legend. Players can get the purple poison ring when they go online, and there are many gift packs to get. Players who like legend must not miss it, and support equipment recycling, and also Can trade freely, it is one of the few conscience legendary games, interested friends come to download and experience it!

Features of Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife
1. The more complex the battlefield environment brings, the more exciting the battle, you can challenge all kinds of terrifying monsters in different battlefields;

2. Conquer the most powerful beasts to help you become stronger, and your combat power will also be greatly improved after the beasts are advanced;

3. You don't need to fight all the time for training, you can quickly complete the task by simply hanging up, and the entire combat operation is not difficult.

Venom Artifact Metamorphosis Knife Mobile Games Highlights
1. Every skill here is very enjoyable to play, very abnormal, and can play the role of one enemy against one hundred;

2. All kinds of cool artifacts will be given at the beginning, so that you can easily become a legendary figure from the beginning to the end;

3. Domineering fashion wings can be freely combined, and the wings can be strengthened, and your image will be more domineering.

The advantages of the poisonous artifact metamorphosis knife mobile game
1. There are a variety of legendary gameplay and modes in the poisonous artifact abnormal knife, you can freely choose and experience the different charms of the legend;

2. The popular game screen, choose powerful equipment, take risks freely, and at the same time, you can freely organize games with familiar friends to participate in PK;

3. Bloody battles and fights, brothers help to fight the black, different dungeons are opened, and you can kill enemies and kill boss monsters in it.

Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife Feature System
reputation system

Prestige is a virtual point in the game, a symbol of game prestige

mentoring system

The coach of the martial arts hall of the League Heavy may ask Xiaomin, the assistant of the novice village, to find out the location of the apprenticeship.

marriage system

Marriage is a game where both men and women become spouses

PK system

In the entire game map, except for a small safe area in the center of each city where PK cannot be performed, any other location can be used for PK.

Recruit heroes

When the character reaches level 40, in addition to receiving a daytime hero, you can also recruit a Wolong hero from the tavern of the alliance. The hero can wear the same equipment as the person himself.

Novice Raiders of Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife
At the beginning of the game, you must complete the main quest first. This is also the fastest way to upgrade in the early stage. After the main quest is completed, go to the 5th floor of the Zuma Temple to hang up and upgrade. Since this game is an energy version, you must be full of energy. , in the shopping mall, you can buy 30 energy pills a day, and you can get 5 times the reward after completing the daily task of eliminating demons, 5 times can get 500 energy points, and 30 energy beads can get 1500 energy Value, a total of 2000 energy points, you must buy all the conditions, you need time to hang up to upgrade to improve your strength!

The most important thing is that there are a lot of experience in the secret realm in the early stage, which must be played 6 times, and the first experience prayer must go a few days before the server just opened, so that a good distance can be opened, and the energy value is daily. You can get it by doing tasks, and you can't spend more than one day. In addition, there is a lot of energy that can be used. You don't have to worry about lack of energy at all, just the energy you can't spend is waiting for you.

When you reach level 30, you must add a guild. You can buy a one-month card if you have the conditions. You can hang up the equipment you don’t need to trade in the trading bank to earn extra money. You can also recycle online to get experience points and gold coins, and then go to the Zuma Temple and click Kill Zuma, and you can explode level 40 weapons and equipment. In the early stage, there is no need to have too high requirements for weapons and equipment. Since the magic dragon weapons and equipment are very easy to explode in the mid-term, it is said that the weapons and equipment should be followed step by step in the early stage, and Zuma will be set in the early stage, and wait until a certain level to go to Chiyue Valley to fight Chiyue Level equipment, weapon equipment and clothing are forged from diamonds! Gems and four elephant attributes need to invest time to play slowly, because these items are still very important, if you can improve the level, you can improve the level as soon as possible!

Some players like to play gold. If this game is recommended to play gold, it is best to be a Taoist profession. Zuma sets can play Chiyue-level equipment that others can't play. At the beginning of the game, Chiyue-level weapons and equipment can be very valuable. , 1 piece of weapon and equipment can be sold for hundreds of ingots, if you are lucky, thousands of ingots a day, but you need a certain amount of luck and sufficient overall strength and medicine.

Toxic Artifact Metamorphosis Knife Xiaobian Evaluation
The poisonous artifact Metamorphosis Knife is a very good game to play, and the Purple Poison Legend is still very fresh to play. Every knife can put a Purple Poison debuff on the enemy, bringing a lot of interesting effects, and you can go online now. Get a lot of gift packs, download and experience if you like!


  • Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife
  • Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife
  • Venomous Artifact Metamorphosis Knife