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4366 Legend of the Gods

4366 Legend of the Gods

  • size: 3.58M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0.0
  • type online game
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 15:13:41


4366 Legend of the Gods Glory Edition is a high-explosive legendary game that is amazing to play. Players can feel the awesome retro graphics here, and can also hang up automatically. The game has super cool battle scenes, and it is quite refreshing to play. , now download the game to create a character to get a new welfare package, players who like it must not miss it!
4366 Legend of the Gods Introduction
A retro legendary mobile game with automatic hang-up upgrade assist function, where players can free their hands at any time, and more diversified social gameplay allows players to easily make friends. What are you waiting for, friends who like to play legends, come to Green League to download the 4366 Legend of the Gods experience!

4366 Legend of the Gods Highlights
1. The gameplay is very simple, there is no picture frame, players can experience the purest blood legend in the game.

2. The 2021 New Year's edition will create a new artifact and story suit! A single-professional scattershot counter-attack, you are the next king!

3. There are many legendary game modes, novel and interesting, super multi-tasking, super welfare for you to choose!

4. The combat effectiveness of players in the game depends on their strength. Players with better PK technology can become stronger.

4366 God Realm Legendary Advantage
1. The latest screen production method, all characters, weapons, special effects, maps and other models are buckled into the details, making you immersive.

2. The vivid and realistic character models give you a different visual experience.

3. This is a massively multiplayer role-playing mobile game that provides richer gameplay and more beautiful characters.

4. The special effects of various skills are very explosive, making the battle more passionate, and a lot of skills are waiting for you to experience.

5. The classic retro tactics of the three professions are shocking, and you can choose your favorite profession to join the battle in the game.

6. Unlimited levels, which can unlock new functions while upgrading levels.

4366 Legend of the Gods Glory Edition Features
1. A legendary game where gold coins and experience will be doubled, with more benefits, higher rewards, and easier upgrades and gold.

2. Newcomers can get benefits as soon as they go online, and they can get three different skills for free, and the benefits of upgrading are also very good.

3. Classic legendary content and a large number of new plot settings allow players to get more surprises and add more new fun to the game.

4. If the sand attack is successful, all members can get a lot of rewards, upgrade experience, upgrade faster, obtain corresponding resources, and also slaughter the city to vent their desire for destruction.

4366 Legend of the Divine World Editor's Comments
4366 Legend of the Gods is definitely the most worthwhile legendary game in 2021. The game not only has a lot of content, good benefits, but also various functions. It is definitely the best choice for entering the legendary game now. It's not that you don't need to spend money at all, but Xiao Krypton is harmless at all, and it's still much better than those cheating legends.


  • 4366 Legend of the Gods
  • 4366 Legend of the Gods
  • 4366 Legend of the Gods