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Mini Crash Simulator

Mini Crash Simulator

  • size: 28.57MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0
  • type RACING
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 15:39:52


Mini Crash Simulator game is a very fun simulation driving type mobile game. Simple game operation, interesting gameplay, players will drive the car freely, run on the track, players can also upgrade their own vehicles, DIY assemble their own racing cars, and feel the exciting racing journey.

Game Features
1. The gameplay of the mini crash simulator is usually more diverse, and the player does not know the opponent's next action;

2. This is a more comfortable mental game, which can predict the direction in which the opponent will appear and solve the problem as soon as possible;

3. From different angles, the impact degree of the car may be different, please do research carefully.

Game Highlights
1. The mini crash simulator game will accompany the player's continuous exploration, and the situation will become more and more clear;

2. Don't indulge in one play of bumper cars, try to open your game challenge from another angle;

3. Upgrading your own car can have a good safety protection effect, and it will be more stable to complete daily tasks.

1. Real simulation model driving function, providing multi-operation button mode, allowing you to learn various driving postures of the car;

2. Adjust the camera flexibly, switch the first-person perspective and the perspective of God, and feel the excitement of car crashes from various angles;

3. Real car accident simulation scene, every accident is like happening in the real world, you may have a car accident from different accident places everywhere;

4. The horizontal interface, combined with the complete virtual steering wheel, accelerator and brake buttons, makes the driving feel real, and all players can practice driving skills through the game;

5. There are a variety of driving scenarios to choose from. No driving route is safe. Only by concentrating can players better deal with sudden situations and find the correct countermeasures in time.

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  • Mini Crash Simulator
  • Mini Crash Simulator
  • Mini Crash Simulator