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Realparking2Genuine download

Realparking2Genuine download

  • size: 119.56MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.06
  • type RACING
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2020-11-05 12:40:31


Realparking2is a very real racing game. Players can control their father's racing car more realistically to win the game. In the game, players need to use their super high operation skills to win the game. If you like it, please download it quickly. Bar!


Realparking2 Genuine game features

1. Added new 3D game screen. Compared to the first movie "Real Parking Lot", the game screen of this movie has a brand new 3D first-person perspective, which is very clear and realistic, allowing you to experience the realistic feeling in a real vehicle.

      2. Perfect rearview mirror window mode, you must look at the rearview mirror when parking, when you are sitting in the cab, you can also look at the rear of the car by looking at the rearview mirror window to see if the body is straight, Allows you to stop smoothly in place.

      3. Assisted parking sensors help you park smoothly. The game adds a parking sensor that needs to be installed separately, just like adding a parking sensor after modifying a vehicle in real life. This parking sensor allows you to more precisely control the parking distance between vehicles.

      4. Very realistic sound quality. You can listen to music in the cab. Music effects are added to the game, just like in real vehicles. Moreover, each car is equipped with unique real sound effects. It can be seen that the author's settings are very careful.

      5. Decorate your car interior effects: You can modify all the interior structure of each car by yourself, so that you can have different real environment effects on the driver's seat of each car, especially the driving feeling of off-road vehicles and cars.

     6. Independent garage setting, the game will have its own independent garage, you can collect all kinds of vehicles into your garage, make your garage full of all kinds of gorgeous vehicles, and experience the feeling of a local tyrant. It's exciting to see perfect and real cars lined up.

    7. Although it is a parking based mobile game, but you can customize your car in a real parking game. You can modify the car's color, exterior trim, and pattern as needed.

Realparking2 genuine gameplay

1. Control the steering wheel on the left side of the mobile phone screen to keep the car driving normally

       2. The right hand controls the accelerator and brake to maintain speed.

       3. The right hand can also control the gear of the car.

       4. There are many different game operation modes: such as the steering wheel, which can simulate the keyboard, tilt the phone to control the driving route of the vehicle.

Realparking2 Author summary

The above is the detailed introduction of the game Realparking2 brought to you by the editor. This game has designed many kinds of gameplay. In this Realparking2 mobile game, players can experience the best racing driving experience. It allows players to experience absolute speed and passion. The real terrain in the game will bring players a more exciting gaming experience. Come and download it!


  • Realparking2Genuine download
  • Realparking2Genuine download
  • Realparking2Genuine download
  • Realparking2Genuine download