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Happy car race

Happy car race

  • size: 73.97MB
  • platform: 安卓
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • type RACING
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-10-30 13:25:53


Happy racing is a multi player real-time competitive mobile game! Players can collect all kinds of props and racing cars in the game to meet your collection desire! In the game, players drive their own cars, destroy others' cars and rob their resources to win! Players who like this kind of game come to download the experience!

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Introduction to the latest download game of happy racing

Welcome to happy racing, where you can enjoy the pleasure of real-time multiplayer duel.

Collect random props on the map, destroy more enemies and snatch their crown. Become the new king in this race.


Developers' words:

Dear old drivers, the crash game "happy car race" has been recommended by Apple hundreds of times and officially launched in China!

This is a competitive game you have never experienced before. Here, you can open the game anytime, anywhere and enjoy a fast-paced multiplayer real-time battle. Super real physics engine makes your operation more coquettish.

By picking up random props on the map, destroy your enemies and snatch their crown to become the king on the map!

Download and join the battle! Join the QQ group of players: 2312619. Know more updates in advance~

Happy racing battle latest download game features

-15 + maps let you enjoy the real-time multiplayer game showdown

-More than 100 unlocked cars of 4 different levels (ordinary, rare, epic, legendary)

-More than 30 kinds of skin for you to customize your car. Camping car with Italian sausage skin is a very tasteful choice.

-16 kinds of upgradeable strengthening props, including flamethrowers, cannons, catapults and more.

-"Play with friends" function. Nothing is more interesting than defeating your friend:)


Introduction to the latest download props of happy racing

1. Cannon

As the most basic prop, cannon is loved by everyone. Three shots in one shot, one barrel can fire six bullets, but they are all aimed in one direction, fired, beautiful~

2. Scatter gun

180 degree full scattering, but the difference is that it can only output once at a time. If you encounter a fast car, you may not hit it

3. Pitching machine

The stone catapult will explode in the small enclosure for a certain time.

4. Tracking missile

When approaching the enemy, launch tracking missiles to track him to the end of time; However, the tracking missile will not be lost forever. Twist it several times more, and you can escape the crisis after the tracking effectiveness disappears.

5. Magnetic railgun

The most destructive force, a flash of green light, the battlefield will be empty crown; The disadvantage is that it can only be projected at fixed points. If the enemy perceives it in advance, it is easy to escape its damage.

Comments on the latest version of happy racing game

Personal feeling of happy racing is a very interesting racing action competitive game. There are many lovely cars in the game. You can change one car every day and you can't drive it all. It's really quite luxurious! The scene of the game is also very exquisite, which makes people want to play at a glance. The pleasure of players driving their own vehicles to destroy enemy vehicles is not available in other racing games! Players interested in this game can download it to try! You will love it~

Black screen flash back

1. Insufficient memory of mobile phone: maybe your mobile phone has too many applications in the background, which leads to insufficient memory of the mobile phone when opening the game, thus causing the game to flash back. Then we just need to turn on the mobile phone process management, turn off the applications not used in the background, and restart the game. There should be no flash back.

2. Mobile network problems: the broken or unstable mobile network may also cause the game to flash back. It is recommended that you play this game in a WiFi environment.

3. Game version problem: maybe the current game version on your mobile phone is not the latest version. Delete this version and search Baidu for "happy racing war" to download the latest version of the game in the special area!

4. Game server problem: maybe the current game login players are too many, resulting in too much pressure on the server, resulting in the phenomenon of flashing back to the black screen. Generally, it is OK to restart the game a few times.

5. Mobile anti-virus software and mobile assistant interception: it is possible that the anti-virus software installed on your mobile phone mistakenly intercepts the game as a virus. Enter the anti-virus software and cancel the interception. This situation is relatively rare.


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