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Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins

  • size: 31.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v4.4.7
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 14:12:43


Temple Ruins is a super classic RPG game with strong JRPG style characteristics. In the game, players will control the protagonist and embark on the road to find artifacts. Although the game is a pixel style, the game is highly playable. Let's start an adventure in this world, there are a large number of collectible items, players who like this classic gameplay must not miss it!

Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins game introduction
Now, you've heard rumors of a stranger mentioning a magical artifact lying in the ruins of a lost temple. So you decide to start a new journey full of adventures in this retro game that leads you to a mysterious temple lost in the jungle.

Temple Ruins Game Features
The sequence of actions is determined according to the status of different characters and characters, and you have to issue different instructions to the characters you own.

During the challenge, the equipment of various occupations also needs to be matched by the player, and the player's character can learn different skills of the occupation.

The tasks in the game will be triggered gradually according to the development of the plot. The works seem simple but are actually extremely difficult.

Temple Ruins Game Highlights
You can change the formation of the team at any time to deal with different battle situations, and also set up a very powerful boss. You have to be fully prepared to ensure that you are safe.

The way of challenging plots in the game is mainly to have dialogues with different characters, and to open more places and events through dialogues.

During the battle, you need to fully adjust your formation and match the characters with physical attack, magic attack and other attributes.

Temple Ruins Game Advantages
In this game, there are many different characters and many completely different tasks waiting for players to complete, which can provide a lot of play content.

Different props can be obtained by collecting, digging, and crafting, and there are more than 70 different crafting formulas that can be unlocked for different fun.

There are many mazes here, and there will be puzzles in the maze. Only by solving all the puzzles can you get all the rewards here.

Review of Temple Ruins
This game of Temple Ruins has the feeling of a classic game Final Fantasy. Although the pixel picture is a bit rudimentary now, the game uses sufficient game content to bring players quite good gameplay. Those who like this kind of game Players must not miss it!


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