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Los Santos Crime 2.0

Los Santos Crime 2.0

  • size: 74.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 11:06:34


Los Santos Crime 2.0 is a very fun open world game. This mobile game gives players a huge game world, and there are a lot of content to experience. Players will play a gangster here and keep going. Fight for territory, but also fight wits and courage with the police. Players who like this game come to download and experience it!

Los Santos Crime 2.0

Description of Los Santos Crime 2.0

Start domineering on your phone and fight freely in the streets of Los Angeles.

Experience the fighting fun of arcade survival, not only can you become a super-powerful racing driver, but also enjoy the thrill of battle.

A variety of weapons are available for you to choose, you will not easily avoid the test of each level, and insist on being the last person to survive.

Can you react to sudden dangers in time? Dangerous Explore the map and experience the feeling of extreme racing.

A 3D action game with European and American scene maps, the city of freedom, where robbers, rich people and criminals gather here.

Los Santos Crime 2.0 Features
1. Popular game maps are waiting for you to explore, become the most powerful fighting master and destroy all opponents;

2. Take up arms to destroy evil opponents, persevere to see who can survive to the end, not afraid of danger, and take risks bravely;

3. Fight bravely on the huge map, show your absolute strength, and use all your strength to destroy the enemy.

4. Get new weapons and equipment, take part in the adventure bravely, and challenge the speed of ships in the city. New game experience different thrilling survival battles;

5. Different types of challenges From now on, create a very exciting PK game, and the unique adventure makes the battle more thrilling;

Los Santos Crime 2.0

Los Santos Crime 2.0 gameplay
Three roles can be chosen, start a different life, and leave more unforgettable memories for yourself;

Open gameplay, a lot of weapons and guns, the excitement of fighting crimes, hurry up.

Very challenging gun battle, you must improve your shooting skills to defeat those criminals;

A variety of different weapons are available for everyone to use, as long as they are used well, there is no problem in defeating the enemy;

Continue to practice combat skills, improve yourself through battles, and eventually become a five-star good citizen.

Los Santos Crime 2.0 Highlights
The plot of the game is very good, providing players with super high playability, and a very broad city is restored in place.

It has a super high-definition picture and adopts the latest game development technology in 2021, which can bring you a lot of interesting experience.

Here you can experience endless exciting adventures, a lot of plots and a lot of challenging tasks. This game world has too much content to play.

Los Santos Crime 2.0 Editor Review
Los Santos Crime 2.0 is a very good game to play. It can bring you a great fun game experience. Interested players come and download it. The best open world game and the coolest gangster fighting experience , in this Los Santos Crime 2.0!


  • Los Santos Crime 2.0
  • Los Santos Crime 2.0