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Song of Cloud Dreams

Song of Cloud Dreams

  • size: 228.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 13:47:42


Song of Yunmeng is a very fun two-dimensional style game. Players have to take an adventure in this two-dimensional fantasy world. The game also adds a lot of mythological elements, which can give you many different experiences. The game is the biggest The highlight of the game is that it has added a lot of casual social gameplay, allowing players to easily meet a lot of friends here. Come and experience it if you like it.
Song of Yunmeng Game Features
1. Each event will bring a lot of resource rewards, and you can get more rewards by completing tasks.

2. The battle is about to start, grow in the battle, join us in the adventure, and get to know more players.

3. There is a very interesting gameplay here, the same effect may also lead to different fighting styles.

Song of Yunmeng Game Highlights
1. Exciting battles are open at any time, rich developmental gameplay, and various passionate duels are very exciting, and the newly added various gameplays make people addicted to it.

2. Fight with more powerful enemies, unlock new maps, inherit unlimited power, get more resources, create powerful weapons and become stronger.

3. Every battle is amazing, the reaction of your fingertips is very fast, you just need to do your best to fight against the enemy and bring your friends to experience this endless joy.

Song of Cloud Dreams Game Review
1. The world is full of monsters and beasts, and the combat power of each profession is very powerful.

2. Complete different tasks, fight to the end, and feel more interesting gameplay.

3. In order to realize your dream, more magical weapons can help you upgrade easily.

Song of Yunmeng Xiaobian Review
The game of Yunmeng Song has done a very good job in both the gameplay screen and the content developed, bringing players a very satisfying and interesting game system, and it is very suitable for making friends. I like this kind of game players come and experience it.

This game is not yet online so stay tuned!


  • Song of Cloud Dreams
  • Song of Cloud Dreams
  • Song of Cloud Dreams