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unison league Taiwan uniform

unison league Taiwan uniform

  • size: 53.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.5.5.0
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 14:21:22


unison league is a classic Japanese adventure RPG game. In this game, players will operate their own heroes to start an adventure in this world of swords and magic. Five completely different occupations are provided, which can be matched and matched with each other. Restraint, coupled with the new concerto system, bring you a lot of different experiences!

Unison league Taiwan uniform features
The language can be switched in the game, supporting English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Traditional Chinese/Korean.

The connection of the Taiwan server server in the mainland is relatively stable, and the editor did not encounter any disconnection during the game.

Although the update speed of the Taiwan server client is not as good as that of the international server, but it has Chinese, so it is still a good choice to play the Taiwan server.

unison league game highlights
1. Real-time cooperation level system

At the same time, with up to 4 friends, you can crush ugly monsters and players in your way!

2. Complete paper doll system

Get a one-of-a-kind face, style your hair, and wear gear that will impress the world! No one will ever forget the heroic deeds of Banana Face.

3. Exciting guild battles

An epic guild battle where up to 10 players can team up in real-time!

4. Gorgeous Unison Attack

Team up with a buddy to unleash the gorgeous Unison Attack and make your enemies freak out!

5. More fun is waiting for you!

Decorate your own room and invite your friends over! Collect and upgrade equipment! Learn new skills to win on the battlefield!

unison league career profile
There are five basic occupations that can be selected at the beginning of the game. They are the archer who has a wealth of means such as continuous sniping and abnormal state attack; the spearman who has the strongest single firepower and abandons the full-scale attack of defense; Able to use powerful swordsmanship, they are sword and shield soldiers who are at the forefront of the team and serve as guardians; as well as magicians who use magic to attack the enemy, and professional priests who have healing spells and auxiliary spells. Players can arbitrarily choose one of the occupations to play the game.

unison league player reviews
@saki p

High probability of ss in card draw

There are ten free draws every day (you can draw once after watching 5 advertisements, and you can watch it again after 3 hours)

The equipment is beautiful

There are chat rooms to meet friends

The main storyline is easy

Overall it's fun

@一 Leaf Zhiqiu

The characters are all good-looking except for the male and female protagonists of the original creation (do you have a grudge against the protagonist?) The game experience is very good, and I often forget to sleep. It's a bit generous when it comes to scrambled eggs. Overall I like it.

unison league editor review
When I first started playing the game unison league, I felt that the style of the picture was really old. It was basically similar to the mobile game at the time of the diffusion million King Arthur, but after playing for a few hours, I felt that the gameplay was not good enough. I brought a great carry out and overall it was pretty good.


  • unison league Taiwan uniform
  • unison league Taiwan uniform
  • unison league Taiwan uniform
  • unison league Taiwan uniform
  • unison league Taiwan uniform