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Star Three Kingdoms OL

Star Three Kingdoms OL

  • size: 290.62M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.6.535
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 09:14:01


Star Three Kingdoms OL Chinese version is a Three Kingdoms card strategy battle game with sci-fi elements. This game allows us to experience a variety of exciting combat experiences, and there are a lot of stories waiting for you to explore and play. The new Chinese version allows you to experience more plots.

Introduction to Star Three Kingdoms OL

This game allows you to explore the Three Kingdoms world full of sci-fi elements.

Cartoon sci-fi Three Kingdoms, call our generals to start our battle.

Not only are there many sci-fi elements, but also various forms of generals can be summoned.

Star Three Kingdoms OL gameplay features

Many classic heroes of the Three Kingdoms can be recruited by you, upgrade their strength to create the strongest combat power;

Let various generals awaken different skills, use shields to reflect damage, resist spell attacks, etc.;

Commanders of different attributes can be combined in a reasonable manner, with a variety of wonderful formations, to easily restrain the enemy.

There is also a unique combination of fetters and combinations. The five tiger generals will play together, and the combined attack is very powerful;

There are also different divine beasts and mounts in the game to go into battle together, so that the strength of your generals can be qualitatively improved;

Assemble large-scale corps to fight, form powerful alliances, and defeat the evil Dong Zhuo to get rich rewards.

Star Three Kingdoms OL gameplay strategy

Battle of the Moon

Participation Level: Level 40

Event description: The elf suddenly received a Divine Clan distress signal from the lunar space station, and the beast-like Zerg expanded rapidly at an unstoppable speed, making the elf immediately go for reinforcements...

Hours: Open all day

Event Rewards: A lot of experience The Moon Defense Battle is a level 40 event dungeon. The experience rewards are extremely high, but the difficulty is relatively high. Players need to protect the Protoss base from being destroyed by the tide of Zerg to be considered a victory. At the same time, players also You will be supported by the Protoss troops. It is recommended that you make full pre-war preparations before entering, wear an upgrade suit (about +10), inlay basic gems, and upgrade the profound meaning will lay the foundation stone for the event clearance~

exercise room

Participation Level: Level 31

Activity description: The elf mirrors the sparring body with its mental power, and can get a lot of experience points after learning from it.

Hours: Open all day

Activity reward: The experience point training room is divided into 3 entrances, namely: ordinary entrance, small ingot entrance, big ingot entrance. Different entrances can be entered 3 times a day, and the reward experience is also different. The small ingot entrance is the ordinary entrance. 2 times the experience, while the big ingot entrance is 3 times as much.

Soul Tower

Participation Level: Level 32

Activity description: Luoyang Soul Gathering Tower is located in the center of Luoyang City. The tower is divided into 100 floors. After the alien invasion, its alienated troops guarded the important places of the Soul Gathering Tower, secretly absorbing spiritual energy, and the battle for energy kicked off again. ..

Hours: Open all day

Event Rewards: A lot of experience points, gems, souls of famous generals and other soul gathering towers are open to 6 levels, each level is divided into 10 layers, each level can be entered once a day, and it can be increased to 3 times after purchasing VIP.

Crystal Scar

Participation Level: Level 33

Activity description: After the alienation wormhole cleaned up the residual power of the Zerg, a lot of energy crystals were left on the scene.

Hours: Open all day

Event reward: There are a large number of energy ores of different sizes distributed in the crystal traces of a large number of star coins, which will drop a large number of star coins after being crushed. It takes 15 minutes to break all the crystals to get about 50W of star coins! You can enter 3 times a day, if it is not enough! You can spend a small amount of ingots to buy 3 additional entry opportunities.

Tips: Players with a slightly lower damage value can give priority to crushing small energy ore, with 30,000 HP, and dropping 10,000 stars, which is relatively cost-effective, followed by killing medium-sized energy ore, with 50,000 HP, and dropping 25,000 stars Coins, and finally kill the large energy ore, the blood volume is 100,000, and the drop of 60,000 star coins, the larger the energy ore, the higher the armor, the slower the hit, don't see the big one and hit it.

Star Three Kingdoms OL player reviews

Star Three Kingdoms OL lets us experience the Three Kingdoms world of various Star Wars. We have all kinds of StarCraft-like battles from here, and all the summons are generals from the Three Kingdoms.


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