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Fighting the Three Kingdoms

Fighting the Three Kingdoms

  • size: 297.44M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: vV4.0.43
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 10:30:09


Breaking through the Three Kingdoms is a very magical Three Kingdoms cartoon adventure game. This new Online beta version of the game allows us to experience all kinds of very exciting Three Kingdoms strategies. Call more figures of the Three Kingdoms and start our war of the Three Kingdoms.

Introduction to the Three Kingdoms

Magical Three Kingdoms gives you a pleasant experience. Play the Three Kingdoms game casually.

All kinds of generals are animated, and the magical 3D modeling makes you happy.

The fighting that makes people laugh and the fighting of the generals are very funny.

Break the content of the Three Kingdoms public beta

1、 Welfare attack

Novice 3-day gift bag. You can get 1000 gems on the first day +20000 purple gold on the third day

2. Increase the number of daily mission gems

3. Increase the number of achievement gems

4. Ranking wins a good gift

5. Military general training and recruitment activities, massive gems and purple gold

6. Increase monthly card benefits by three times. 3300 gems per month

7. Nostalgic mysterious new military general rebate activities.

2、 Game optimization

Zhao Yun's unparalleled skill reproduction

Guan Yu's unparalleled skill remake

Zhang Fei's unparalleled skill remake

Zhang Liao unparalleled skill remake

Liu Bei level 5 skill remake

Horn skill bodyguard returns, changed to purple quality

Pang Tong's skills and bodyguards are remade

Sun Shangxiang's skills and bodyguards are remade

New purple quality Wei Yan + mysterious nostalgic counselor

We reiterate once again: the refresh probability of all bodyguards remains unchanged. Relevant values of military general level. Commander related values. Number of bodyguards. Remain unchanged.

3、 Defense building optimization

Lei Feng tower greatly increased HP and damage,

The combat merit required by the Taishou mansion to improve its level. Adjust the amount of soldiers carried by the Taishou mansion as the level increases. The higher the level, the higher the soldiers carried.

Ice tower can be built in 10 books

Thorny trap can be built in 8 books

4、 Ten continuous pumping part

In addition to winning the purple general in the tenth draw, the ninth draw will also have a great chance to win the purple general

Ten times in a row, Guan Yu, the first general of Liu Han and Zhugeliang, the first counselor, have three times the chance, Lv Bu+

V Nostalgic clothes open. Player data is permanently saved without deleting files.

Breaking through the Three Kingdoms introduction

Just entering the game, add as many friends as possible, and you will get rich physical strength, food and grass, as well as the advantages of friends in reducing construction time and accelerating resources. Build the Yiyou workshop as soon as possible to ensure daily output, and upgrade the Yiyou workshop as soon as possible to ensure maximum daily output. In order to ensure the rapid rise of 5 books, buildings should be constructed first. The main city is more important than the silver warehouse, more important than the camp, more important than the barracks, more important than the granary, and more important than others. The main city is full, the camp is full, and the silver warehouse is full. Others that are not growth tasks and are not needed for upgrading can be left out for the time being! In the process of speeding up to 5, resources are the biggest problem. The first consideration is players' snatching, and they really don't think about fighting in the world anymore.

After 5 books, you can quickly complete the battle of ordinary difficulty, and then you can collect resources once a day. After 5, we began to improve the formation, fill up the defense, improve the city wall appropriately according to the economic situation, and began to rush into the ranking. Establish an alliance as soon as possible to support each other's arms. Try to make friends give physical strength every 3 hours, and use physical strength to get out of the general as early as possible. The stored physical strength must be as close as possible to the top three who pass every day, and the gem reward is rich.

Players' comments on breaking the Three Kingdoms

Breaking through the Three Kingdoms is a very magical Three Kingdoms strategy game. By summoning various generals, you can build your own city and fight against players or computers. It's very fun.


  • Fighting the Three Kingdoms
  • Fighting the Three Kingdoms
  • Fighting the Three Kingdoms
  • Fighting the Three Kingdoms
  • Fighting the Three Kingdoms