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Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense

Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense

  • size: 298.46M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 08:55:47


The Three Kingdoms emergency attack and defense welfare version is a game of the Three Kingdoms war strategy type. This game gives you a very wonderful Three Kingdoms attack and defense war. You can get novice benefits online, and recharge discount benefits are waiting for you. Come to this game to fight wits and courage with players.

Introduction to the three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense

There are many famous generals in the three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense, and every famous general is real.

There are also classic stories of the Three Kingdoms, which can be played by adding a variety of classic battles of the Three Kingdoms.

Go online to receive benefits and start your journey to dominate the world. Review the history of the Three Kingdoms.

Three countries' urgent attack and defense online to send benefits

★ recharge ratio 1:500 (double for the first charge) PS: fill fairy jade to send Yuanbao;

★ funds, membership cards, and various activity awards increased by 10 times;

★ daily activity reward prompt 20 times;

★ open service Carnival reward increased by 30 times;

★ faction tasks, daily task rewards increased by 10 times;

★ the number of times you can search for generals per day is increased by 10 times;

Introduction to the best lineup of the three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense

1、 Mage sort:

1. Sima Yi;

2. Shenpangtong;

3. Guo Jia;

If the novice can only get one Magic general, it must be Sima Yi. The figure pushing skill is the best ice dragon in the world (there are only three generals, namely Sima Yi, Shen pangtong and Lu Xun). PK is the best dodge dodge dodge! In the future, with six Golden dodge runes, Sima Yi can play from the beginning to the end of the game, and he is definitely the first master. Climbing the tower can also be done by one person. All resources can concentrate on training him, and it's OK.

God Pang Tong is an ice dragon, I won't say more. Just now Sima Yi has made it very clear, but God Pang Tong is really hard to get, so we can only retreat and ask God Guo Jia to hold it first. Guo Jia's fire dragon is also a full screen skill after all, and it can also faint. The more realistic novice and little V collocation is the mage Sima Yi and Guo Jia.

2、 Gunner sort:

1. Lu Xun;

2. Guan Yu;

3. Dong Zhuo;

4. Cao Cao;

Lu Xun is an ice dragon! Guan Yu is a full screen fire cow! If there is Sima Yi, Lu Xun is preferred. If there is no Sima Yi, then Guan Yu is the priority. Why do you say so? Because PK Lu Xun is not very awesome, but Guan Yu can be the leader, which can be said to be the second leader in the game. The skill of pushing pictures of sanniu is also the best skill. It would be better if Lu Xun and Guan Yu could both get it.

The second is Dong Zhuo and Cao Cao, one crying and howling, and the other is Lei long. There is not a big gap between push map skills and PK, which are both very good, but they will be slightly worse than the first two, but in terms of cost performance, they will be slightly better than Guo Jia. But don't choose Guo Jia over these two because of my words, because the profession is also very important. You have to slow down two mages in many pictures, and it's not absolute whether the Gunners are two or three or four, which can be adjusted.

3、 Military division order:

1. Zhou Yu;

2. God opens his horn;

3. God yellow cover;

4. Shenzhuge;

If you have only one military master, choose Zhou Yu, no doubt. PK, he Tui and Huolong are first-class. You can also become a candidate for the chief General. If there is no Sima Yi, no Guan Yu, and Lu Bu and Zhao Yun can only PK and can't figure out, then the candidate for the third general can choose Zhou Yu.

In fact, shenzhangjiao and shenhuanggai are not much different. They all depend on the career of military division and PK's unique anti injury skill. Don't underestimate this anti injury skill. Whether it's unparalleled or climbing the tower, it depends on these two to get the other master's general. Then his master will finally come out to clean up all the battle fields, which is also the key to the counter attack of more than 1 million combat power, 2.3 million combat power.

As for Zhuge, there is really no good choice for the career of military master. Otherwise, he would not be recommended. His map pushing skills are really not awesome.

4、 As for archers, I'm really powerless to roast. With all due respect, archers can only PK basically, and the later pictures are all waste. Considering that most of the small partners are poor or small V, the cost performance is too low. Don't spend too much resources. You can not cultivate an archer.

If you really want to make an order, it is


1. Zhao Yun, 2, Lu Bu, 3, Sun Quan.

Push map

1. Sun Quan, 2, Lu Bu, 3, Zhao Yun.

Perfect lineup recommendation:

The main mage gods Sima Yi and Guo Jia (with the God Pang Tong, the God Pang Tong replaced Guo Jia, Jin Jiang and Hua Tuo with sanniu);

Gunners shenlu Xun, Shenguan Yu, Shendong Zhuo, shenzuo (Jin will replace Xu Huang with deceleration);

The military master Zhou Yu and Shen Zhangjiao (the God Huang Gai and the God Zhuge are substitutes, and the Jin Jiang is the substitute of Xun Yu and Xu Shu with deceleration);

Bow and arrow Lv Bu, Zhao Yun, Sun Quan, can go on one or none.

The normal push map configuration of 2 methods, 3 artillery, 3 armies or 2 methods, 4 artillery, 2 armies is not absolute. You have to go to 4 armies, or you have to go to oneortwo bows and arrows. Finally, I want to say that novices and small V can't get these at the beginning. What should I do? Then come to a novice lineup: (SIMA zhouyu, Lu Xun, Cao Cao, Guan Yuhong, Huang Gai, Jin Xiahou). If there is a God Zhangjiao and God huanggai or God Xiahou Dun, upgrade and replace red huanggai and Jin Xiahou. In short, if there is no first choice, the substitute will go first.

Comments on three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense players

The three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense let's join the attack and defense battle of the Three Kingdoms, the battle of various cards, real generals, I have fallen in love with this game as soon as I go online. The playing method is also very easy, but the liver is not liver.


  • Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense
  • Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense
  • Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense
  • Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense
  • Three kingdoms' urgent attack and defense