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Word War Three Kingdoms

Word War Three Kingdoms

  • size: 15.30M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 17:42:28


Word War Three Kingdoms is a very interesting Three Kingdoms Theme game. Players will experience those famous Three Kingdoms battles in the game world. You will become a part of them and fight against the enemy. The game interface is very simple, but the gameplay is very rich. It is suitable for those core Three Kingdoms players to experience. Interested players, come and download it!

Character war, Three Kingdoms characteristics

1. It reproduces the classics of the Three Kingdoms world, and all kinds of historical stories can be selected and interpreted by everyone.

2. Experience the most wonderful gameplay, show your strongest battle strategy, and build the strongest lineup.

3. Occupy more land, expand territory for the country by relying on their own strength, and unify the three countries.

Highlights of word war and Three Kingdoms

1. The battle of the Three Kingdoms is a hot competition for global players. Golden and iron horses, the majestic momentum of swallowing thousands of miles

2. Open the adventure of passing through levels, you can go to each level to challenge different enemies, with more generous rewards.

3. Masters will appear at any time. They will let you get experience, improve your strength and master experience faster.

Three Kingdoms game of word war

1. It is a mobile game that we can infinitely participate in the latest three kingdoms competition and start an unlimited game adventure.

2. The game form of multiple words is very novel and representative mobile game.

3. With powerful generals in the Three Kingdoms period, players can recruit freely and complete their team formation.

Advantages of the Three Kingdoms in word war

1. A classic Three Kingdoms themed strategic competitive war game, the world in the game is magnificent and spectacular, perfectly restoring the classic scenes of the Three Kingdoms world, and various famous competitive duels. Players can enjoy the historical wars of the Three Kingdoms here.

2. Gorgeous game architecture and various fierce competition scenes have brought players an extremely exciting sense of competition.

3. Endless fighting scenes ignite your passion, and there are many copies of the competition, which is very challenging. Players need to flexibly use the camp, cooperate with all kinds of strong teams, help them deal with all kinds of opponents, and realize their own honors.

Evaluation of Zizhan Sanguo Xiaobian

The game of Word War Three Kingdoms is still quite satisfactory on the whole. We need to continue to explore here, and there are excellent online functions, which are not available in general quota mud games. Xiaobian highly recommends players who like Three Kingdoms strategy games to experience it, which will definitely satisfy everyone!


  • Word War Three Kingdoms
  • Word War Three Kingdoms
  • Word War Three Kingdoms
  • Word War Three Kingdoms