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Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition

Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition

  • size: 303.80M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.8.7
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 15:23:11


Murong Three Kingdoms X7 power enhanced version is a very classic and fun Three Kingdoms Theme game. Players will play a vassal to enter the world of the Three Kingdoms and build a small city. What you need to do is to constantly recruit troops to make your country strong, and then fight in four places to expand your territory. There are still many challenges waiting for players in the game. Players who like the Three Kingdoms strategy game cannot miss it!

Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition

Introduction to Murong Three Kingdoms X7 power enhanced version

1. The main program of the game, which is independently developed by the jade face God, has rich functions;

2. Using the avatar of the game characters in the annals of the Three Kingdoms 13, the characters are lifelike;

3. Integrating history and romance, the characters' attributes of force and intelligence are readjusted;

4. Comprehensively improve the integrity of military commanders and increase the difficulty of recruiting and landing enemy commanders;

5. Fixed the function of allegiance to the monarch, and the exclusive military general of the monarch will not surrender to the death;

6. Increase the function of killing enemy generals in the battlefield, the function of losing treasure in the battlefield, and the battle is more exciting;

7. Increase the hidden attribute of generals, hidden attribute of items, and greatly strengthen the ability of generals;

8. The new military general combination skills and new military skills are dazzling and wonderful;

9. New weapons, horses, official goods system, treasures and artifacts are constantly searched;

Murong Three Kingdoms X7 main gameplay

1. Set up an army and start the siege mode. A large number of cities need you to occupy and expand your forces.

2. Players can add more weapons to their cities, which can improve their combat ability and recruit soldiers to fight for you.

3. Diversified military training programs, skill matching of hundreds of military commanders, and wonderful arena battles will rekindle your basic feelings of the Three Kingdoms.

Murong Three Kingdoms X7 game highlights

1. Through the characteristic cultivation system, constantly strengthen all your characters, so that they have more powerful attributes.

2. Large scale fighting is about to break out. Flexibly match your own lineup and defeat the enemy with different tactics and strategies.

3. With a perfect generals training system and a classic generals upgrading system, players can recruit different generals to experience the classic historical battles of the Three Kingdoms.

4. Every military commander has his own unique skills and even his own magic weapon. Players strengthen all aspects of attributes through binding combinations.

Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition

Murong Three Kingdoms X7 game features

1. Collect cards as the main task, recruit more heroes to join their own team and cultivate their own combat Corps.

2. The famous generals of the three countries make bloody battles, and the adventure of troubled times brings you a stable strategic confrontation.

3. Siege, city defense, confrontation, stirring the combat system, simple stimulation of the operation mode, giving you an unprecedented combat experience.

4. There are many systems for cultivating heroes. Collecting advanced pills can improve the quality of generals, and the fragments of generals can be used to raise stars.

Murong Three Kingdoms X7 strategy experience

1. The city defense is too high, which makes the small soldiers attack too strong, especially at the level of 50000 city defense, which is too awesome.

2. Because the city defense is too high, the bowmen and soldiers have become the strongest arms. As long as they are at the checkpoint, any Bowman has to destroy several troops, no matter how high the other side's force is. Because Luoyang city defense is also 50000. When attacking Luoyang, I asked Lv Bu to fight archers. Before his soldiers arrived, they were all gone. Lv Bu was beaten with more than half of his blood. If it weren't for his rotating lights, he would definitely die.

3. I chose Cao Cao, so I must occupy Dingtao in the early stage. This is a treasure land for searching for military generals, which can search out more than ten or twenty military generals. It is a very important resource in the early stage. Then he quickly captured Xuchang. When there were only three generals at the tiger prison pass, Lv Bu, Zhang Liao and Hua Xiong, he took it and surrendered Lv Bu. With 10 generals, Cao Cao, er Xiahou, Dian Wei, Xu Huang and five other generals are allowed. If you are lucky, you can beat Zhang Liao and Hua Xiong by more than 80%, and then the wheel will alienate Lv Bu. Lv Bu is too strong, and the skill damage here is 0. So it all depends on the soldiers and generals to chop blood. In this way, you can alienate about 8 times and surrender on the battlefield. Xuchang used Cao Ren or Xunyou as his military division to alienate him. After the capture of the tiger prison, 80% of Zhang Liao and his men will run to Xuchang, so that the three generals will get two treasures at once.

4. In this version, the bowmen and nubing are very easy to use. Even the throwing daggers are quite awesome. Then the tiger prison uses these arms to defend. Force is not important. I have a level 6 of 34 force, and I will take 30 soldiers to destroy three full teams of the other party with level 10 force of more than 80. The only thing is that if the other party is also a Bowman, he will lose more soldiers slightly. But one-on-one definitely wins.

5. The strategy is still to trap and kill. Let five Archer teams full of soldiers guard the tiger prison, so that the computer side will send 6-8 teams to attack. As soon as the other party comes out, it will send five Archer teams from Xuchang to support. When we get to the tiger prison, we usually have time to send troops to the city. I don't want to waste famous generals, so I formed a team of Cao Cao, Lv Bu and Dian Wei to defend them, otherwise I don't need these famous generals to fight the world. In this way, I beat Dong Zhuo's generals so that only a dozen members will be distributed in 7.8 cities, and then needless to say, it's OK to send 10 troops to collect the city.

Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition

Murong Three Kingdoms X7 series evaluation

Murong Three Kingdoms X7 has been playing this game for a long time. I feel that the version at that time is not perfect and the playability is not very strong, but now the latest version is super satisfying to play, and there are a lot of content in it. It can definitely make three kingdoms fans enjoy it. Come and experience it!


  • Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition
  • Murong Three Kingdoms Enhanced Edition