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Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn

Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn

  • size: 297.35M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 14:40:14


The full version of the map of the Spring and Autumn Annals of the Three Kingdoms is a Three Kingdoms theme game with many loyal fans. The editor brings players the full version of the resources to download, including all the maps. Players can experience the complete game content. Players will Enter this Three Kingdoms world and become the ruler of the ruling party. The game screen is beautiful and the gameplay is diverse. Players who like it must not miss it!


Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn Legend game introduction

"Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn Biography" is an early historical war strategy game. This stand-alone game was produced by a private studio. The game style is not like overseas games, which capture the players' hearts through the impact of the game screen. A historical reenactment of the room, players must experience and comprehend with their hearts in order to appreciate the good intentions of the game production team.

As a domestic stand-alone game, the historical stories with the most Chinese characteristics have been selected, making the game full of the sense of the times. The content of the game is more complicated, and it is absolutely impossible to win in three or two days. It is like a war, without careful consideration and the right time and place, the enemy cannot be conquered. So patience became the decisive factor in winning the war. Players who are interested in history may wish to give it a try, and they will definitely comprehend different feelings.

Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn Legend game features

1. National war, 24 hours a day!

Launch a national war anytime, anywhere, gather friends and gather friends, form the most powerful battle force distribution lineup, and experience the charm of the real Three Kingdoms game!

2. Multiplayer real-time interaction, no brothers, no siege!

Rejecting loneliness and independence, cross-border/family communication is stress-free, it is the great deity that bears, the white man who bears the great deity, bloody battles and friendships, restore the fun of offline communication with people online games!

3. The massively updated military commander wake-up system cannot be stopped!

Awakening will be updated regularly. Awakened levels will be matched with different tank fighting methods. Small tricks can overwhelm the winner. United Awakening will kill all parties. Holding hands alone, I own the world!

Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn Biography Recommended Reasons

1. Large map, cities across the country can be seen at a glance, realizing a better combination of inspection and operation!

2. Find teachers and friends, get to know heroes from all walks of life, select and employ people, recruit troops and horses, sweep the world, and create a brilliant future!

3. Real-time, different from the turn-based system, the current situation is more directly grasped, and the user experience is better!

4. In the maps, cities, battlefields, overseas and other scenes, soak up the strong Chinese style and start a wonderful journey!

5. Real-time, different from the turn-based system, the current situation is more direct, and the user experience is better!

6. Play the role of a monarch, learn about the customs, travel to the land of China, search for immortal mountains overseas, and explore the unknown world!


The Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn Biography Novice Guide

1. This is a game of training generals and plundering each other. If you want to get the best game experience, you must pursue the strongest in the same rank (such as 5-8, 9-12).

2. Daily tasks will give you jade, 30 jade a day is equal to 18r, this is the only way for generals to become stars, so 3 tasks must be completed every day! Among them, the reward task is the most difficult to complete. When you see a reward, please Adjust your offensive lineup in the generals, use all level 1 generals to fight, and complete the mission after 3 failures.

3. The faction can receive one gift pack every two weeks. The pack received by the strongest faction can give orange generals and purple generals, and the others can only give garbage blue and white.

4. Upgrading generals is the only source of experience, so don't upgrade junk generals, and don't train all purple generals. You must upgrade your own main trainer. One main upgrade is better than average upgrades.

5. Arms restraint has little effect, so no special research is required.

==== Expedition ====

1. Expedition is the main source of income in the early stage. Here you can only see players up to 4 levels up and down. The same is true for other players, so the appropriate card level can allow you to effectively avoid people who are stronger than you.

2. NPCs are divided into 4 grades according to their income, and their strength is getting higher and higher. The lowest grade is the Yellow Turban Army, the second grade is the XX regiment, the third is the elite XX regiment, and the fourth is the Three Kingdoms Heavenly regiment. Winning the NPC will make the NPC level continue to increase, and the more you fight, the stronger you will be, so be sure to pick expensive ones, and it is recommended to start from the third gear.

3. The system should automatically refresh once an hour. Manual refresh is expensive, and players will be refreshed first. After winning the game, the player will disappear from the list, and the refreshed ones that cannot be beat are still in the list, so do not refresh all the time.

4. Calculate the time when you are beaten (counterattack does not count), if you don't attack, you will be free from combat within an hour. You can use up your money when the time is approaching. You won't lose much if you get hit. If you can't beat it, you should just switch to a level 1 team and have fewer dead soldiers.


Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn Biography Xiaobian Evaluation

The Three Kingdoms Chunqiu Chuan is super refreshing to play. Players who like the Three Kingdoms theme games must come and experience it. It will be a bit difficult to get started in the early stage of the game, but after a few games of the novice tutorial, you can easily get started, so that you can enjoy the fun Now, players who like Three Kingdoms themed strategy games must come and experience it!


  • Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn
  • Three Kingdoms Spring and Autumn