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Three Kingdoms era 6

Three Kingdoms era 6

  • size: 175.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 and above
  • Version: v3.4
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-24 12:08:34


The Three Kingdoms era 6 stand-alone cracked version is a very classic and fun Three Kingdoms theme game. Players will play a military general in this Three Kingdoms world and experience the thrill of leading thousands of troops to fight. The editor brings you the latest stand-alone game. Cracked version, no need to log in, no in-app purchases, you can get the best gaming experience, players who like it must not miss it!


Three Kingdoms era 6 single crack version instructions

The game can be played directly after installation, no need to log in online.

There are built-in modifiers in the game, and players can manually change many parameters.

Due to financial reasons, the cracking team has a limited range of mobile phones that can be tested. According to user feedback, some mobile phones may be successfully installed but crash when starting the game. Please understand, the cracking team is also continuing to optimize.

Three Kingdoms era 6 game features

1. You can recruit generals from the Three Kingdoms, fight in troubled times, and achieve a career;

2. Join the battle, match arms, kill intelligently, and complete different tasks;

3. A large number of scene maps, free exploration, strength competition, full of excitement;

4, tit for tat, kill to the end, seize the opportunity, and successfully fight to victory.

Three Kingdoms era 6 game advantages

1. Create the capital and characters in 3D, each character is an original shape, and every battle is full of competitiveness;

2. Not only can you take risks on the road alone, you have the opportunity to subdue some celebrities from the Three Kingdoms as followers, and develop the rules gradually;

3. Mining and fighting monsters are indispensable. Rogues and deserters from all over are your targets. Win the favor of the state and become famous in the Three Kingdoms.

4. Various stories of the Three Kingdoms era are written into it, all you have to do is travel to the local area and trigger it;

5. According to the protagonist's journey, there will be different mission branches. Behind these stories, you will find opportunities to meet famous generals;

6. The magic weapon you want will not be picked up from the roadside. Every legendary item requires continuous efforts in the Three Kingdoms to obtain it.

Three Kingdoms era 6 gameplay

Players can capture generals and soldiers through competitions and battles, and capture advanced weapons and equipment.

Players can join forces to complete the master's life, promotion and fortune, or they can independently dominate one party or even be a swordsmith, doctor or chef for leisure.

Create the capital and characters in 3D, each character is an original shape, and you can’t do anything without mining and fighting monsters. Rogue deserters from all over are your targets, winning the favor of the state capital. Being famous in the Three Kingdoms not only allows you to take risks on the road alone, You have the opportunity to subdue some celebrities from the Three Kingdoms as your followers, develop the rules and gradually set up the characters of the Three Kingdoms carefully, become the master and recruit your own generals to expand your power and start a new hegemony situation.

Three Kingdoms era 6 newbie guide

1. If you just enter the game, first give the book that the old man gave to you, give it to Wang Yi (it's a woman and then give a little something to be a daughter-in-law), and talk to her again. Then learn riding, repeat learning, and so on to learn the third character attribute riding skills. Give a skill, and you can use the best horse in the early stage to pick up the fishing mission from the hotel first.

2. The fishing spot is in Guandu. Remember to go to the store to buy a fishing rod, and then keep fishing. If the fishing rod is broken, buy one in Guandu next to it. There are almost 50 of them. Then go back and turn in the task to get 15,000 gold coins.

3. I went to Xuchang when I was ill. There were blacksmiths in Luoyang. As for the land for selling horses, I forgot. But you should be able to find it if you turn around. Buy the best armour and head. Then the game depends on how you play it.

4. It is recommended to search for resources near Nanyang in Xuchang (because there is a medical center there to avoid getting sick and you can go to treat it). If you want to cut trees, bring more axe to cut trees and dig mining. Generally, if the mining level is high on the mountain, you can get black iron saltpeter. Then there is the gem mine. There is a gem mine on Wuwei Mountain. There is a mountain below Nanyang. There are also sapphire, ruby, emerald, agate, Xingyao, etc. Bring a stone hammer to chisel.

5. Find a general to give gifts to sapphire (because sapphire is best to dig), directly add three points of goodwill to reach two hearts, you can find him to learn a level 1 of riding (can ride) and level 3 of spear (with skills) and then go to Chibi to buy A prairie horse will not have trouble because the prairie horse can run the fastest

6. Find a blacksmith to learn forging at full level, and you can have a four-second invincible skill. Find a doctor to learn medicine. At full level, you can learn the skill of rejuvenation, which is riding with blood. At full level, you can ride a high-level horse when you find Lu Bu (the high-level horse map is randomly purchased from Bole) Go to Xihe to look for Tong Yuan to learn archery, go to Li Yan to learn swordsmanship, go to Langya to find Wang Yue, and find Zhuge and Zhou Yu.


Three Kingdoms era 6 editor evaluation

The era of Three Kingdoms 6 is quite satisfying to play, and you can get a lot of interesting game experience. Players who like this Three Kingdoms theme action game must download it. I think this version should be the best version on the market. Satisfied cracked version.


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