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Journey in the late Han Dynasty

Journey in the late Han Dynasty

  • size: 299.78M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-26 12:00:07


Journey to the End of the Han Dynasty is a relatively alternative Three Kingdoms strategy game. This game mainly uses text and a minimalist UI to bring players a Three Kingdoms battlefield. It looks a bit simple, but the game has a lot of content, and There are a lot of various strategic elements. Although there is no blessing of exquisite graphics, it brings pure gameplay. Players who like more hardcore Three Kingdoms strategy games must come and experience it!

Introduction to the Journey to the End of the Han Dynasty

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the heroes were divided, attacked each other, and the wars continued, and finally formed a situation of three kingdoms. , or accumulate strength, and pursue the career of the emperor! More exciting ways to play are waiting for you to explore!

Game Highlights of Journey to the End of the Han Dynasty

1. Full-service epic battles, returning to the blood of adventure and hegemony, showing a new mode of heroic competitive adventure;

2. Not 10,000 people can compete with them in a cross-army duel. Brave heroes challenge in battle to become the strongest hero;

3. In the vast river of history, who has experienced the disputes and adventures of thousands of mountains and rivers, who is responsible for completing the rise and fall of the Three Kingdoms.

The game advantage of the journey of the end of the Han Dynasty

This game allows players to easily feel the refreshment brought by strategic battles at their fingertips, and can feel many different battle contents.

Recruit generals on this historical battlefield, and they will become your most powerful helpers. Players who like it must come and experience it.

The game respects historical facts very much. Many game settings are based on history. Games that seem simple are not simple.

Game Features of Journey to the End of the Han Dynasty

1. In the game, you can recruit top martial artists to fight, and you will command them to fight;

2. Place it on the map flexibly to open your own challenges and hinder the opponents who come to attack;

3. You will participate in a lot of battles, the difficulty of the adventure will be increased, and the adventure will be more exciting.

4. You can start your own competition anytime, anywhere. The battle is imminent, and the fierce confrontation will test your thinking.

Journey to the end of the Han Dynasty game description

1. Explore free scenes and maps of troubled times. The story here is very exciting, and more main lines can be unlocked;

2. Every hero of the Three Kingdoms can join your team, so that you can arrange a different lineup to challenge the enemy;

3. The strategic battle method is more interesting, and the perfect tactical match helps you to defeat the opponent easily.

4. Reasonably use different strategies to take risks, eliminate opponents to get rewards, and help you upgrade heroes.

Xiaobian evaluation of the journey at the end of the Han Dynasty

As a whole, the game of Journey to the End of the Han Dynasty can still give players a very good game experience. It is very interesting. It does not require the Internet, and there are no complicated operations. I like players to have their own control over the world of the Three Kingdoms, and it is the players who are tested. It's still a game worth playing.


  • Journey in the late Han Dynasty
  • Journey in the late Han Dynasty
  • Journey in the late Han Dynasty
  • Journey in the late Han Dynasty
  • Journey in the late Han Dynasty