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fall in love with reading

fall in love with reading

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Fall in love with reading, one-click cache, offline viewing, and watch it anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to any restrictions. Permanent free VIP, no advertising benefits. Falling in love with reading. There are a lot of high-quality novels updated in real time every day. You can't stop reading. All of your favorites are fully categorized. It is more convenient to find books, meeting all your needs and giving you the best experience of chasing books.

Fall in love with reading function introduction

1. [Interface Features] Flat style design, simple interface and simple operation;

2. [Reading Preferences] Set your own reading preferences and intelligently recommend books;

2. [My Bookshelf] Free collection, create a private bookshelf, and chase books faster;

4. [Cloud Bookshelf] WeChat, QQ quick login, cloud synchronization of bookshelf, easy docking across devices, novels are not afraid of losing.

Fall in love with reading features

1. Unique drag-and-drop complete grouping, book management is simple and easy, and enjoy happy reading;

2. Smooth and comfortable simulated reading effect, supports a variety of advanced typesetting layouts, and realizes personalized reading;

3. According to the reading history intelligence of the book club, the unique low-traffic design, worry-free reading recommends related books;

4. A large number of novel resources, various original and high-quality genuine books, carefully selected by professional editors and updated daily.

Fall in love with reading highlights

1. Reading is more convenient. Various novels are updated at the first time, free of charge;

2. Be able to communicate and interact with book fans from all over the world to create a one-stop reading platform;

3. You can read online and download your favorite novels to the local area;

4. Personalized recommendation, don't worry about book shortage, choose a comfortable reading mode at any time;

5. You can find a rich list of books here, and you can open and read novels at any time.

Introduction to the advantages of falling in love with reading

1. All high-quality books will not be missed. Various popular novels will be updated 24 hours a day, and all chapters can be read first;

2. The experience of reading novels online is of high quality. There are no paid items and no advertisements. A large number of novels are genuine and free of charge;

3, the operation is very simple when watching. It is very convenient to directly search for the novel you want to read and add it to the bookshelf;

4. Books are real resources, and reading books will never have any broken sentences and garbled characters, making you look more comfortable;

5. Provide the best quality books for all users who love to read novels, read anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and place.

Fall in love with reading related recommendations

The latest version of the Seven Cats Novel APP is your personal exclusive, custom preferences only see what you like. Seven Cats novels can be viewed offline with one-click cache. You can watch them anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions. Seven Cat Novels, your book-chasing artifact, has a good time in the palm of your hand, meeting all your needs and giving you the best viewing experience.

77 Dirty Novels A reading artifact that young people like to use. It brings together a large number of book resources, including fantasy, history, urban, science fiction and horror novels, and also realizes service functions such as classified query, cache reading and update reminder, aiming to bring more convenient reading services to users. All are free, support offline cache, users can cache arbitrarily.


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  • fall in love with reading