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Teana novel app free version

Teana novel app free version

  • size: 10.95MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • type: reading
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 12:51:16


Teana Novel App Free Edition is an unlimited free reading software. The content of the novel resources in the software is very high-quality, and there are many online reading modes, users can selectively read, there are many types, users can read as much as they want, and the resources are very rich It is comprehensive, and you can download it as much as you like to read!

Teana novel app free version features

1. Many fine novels have been updated here, which are basically adapted from the original works, and many high-quality books can be read for free;

2. Wide variety and well differentiated categories, making it easier for people to select or search for books;

3. There is no need to recharge, and there is no membership limit. All types of novels can be read online for free.

Teana Novel app free version highlights

1. If you want, you can store various novels at any time, so you can enjoy them at any time;

2. Support multi-client login, the book source will be automatically synchronized, and you can read novels no matter where you are;

3. You can directly customize the font, background, brightness and reading environment, especially intimate.

Teana novel app free version advantages

1. Online reading is very convenient, and has a complete set of resources to meet people's different reading needs;

2. The novel is updated quickly, so you can enjoy the best reading experience here;

3. The resources are comprehensively covered, the novel is easy to read online, and one-stop reading is very convenient.

Teana Novel app free version description

1. The following is the most popular novel content, you can log in to read it at any time, you can't miss it;

2. You can also find the content you are interested in, it is very convenient to watch the content offline;

3. Novels that give people more choices to read online easily and watch anytime

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  • Teana novel app free version
  • Teana novel app free version