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Youshu app latest version

Youshu app latest version

  • size: 32.09MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 4.7.0
  • type: reading
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 18:00:24


There is a reading platform with brand-new function design of the latest version of the book app. The interface design of the software is very novel. There are various online reading methods. Users can freely choose how to read them. There are a lot of popular book content, and users can think about it at any time. Check it out, no limit!

Features of the latest version of Youshu app

1. The content of the novel here is very rich. You can watch and read novels online for free or anytime;

2. Complete resource selection, which can meet your different reading needs and provide a large number of high-quality novels;

3. They are the most popular novels at the moment. All the latest and most popular novels.

Advantages of the latest version of Youshu app

1. There are many kinds of novels. Can be read online for free or downloaded to read offline;

2. The novels here have been serialized and updated, and will be put on the shelves on time every day for easy reading;

3. One-stop reading platform, you can choose a large number of novels, allowing you to enjoy the fun of reading.

Highlights of the latest version of Youshu app

1. Unique QR code scanning and collection mode to help you manage, search, and take notes effectively;


2. Support browsing other users' private libraries to search by category, distance and keywords;

3. A powerful chat and dating community that allows you to interact and make friends, share reading and fun things together;

4. Intimate and professional service, answer various questions about reading for you online in real time.

Youshu app latest version description

1. This is a very good mobile online book search software;

2. The powerful engine system supports any form of book search.

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  • Youshu app latest version
  • Youshu app latest version
  • Youshu app latest version