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The wallpapers are available for free.

The wallpapers are available for free.

  • size: 32.85MB
  • platform: [Android]
  • Version: 2.0.5
  • type Theme
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-11-04 14:27:04


Special effect time wallpaper is a mobile phone system software with a large number of exquisite wallpapers. This software mainly features a variety of unique and exquisite wallpapers so that you can better show your personality and meet the various needs of a large number of users for wallpapers. The wallpapers here are for you are free to use.

Special effect time wallpaper function
1. The wallpaper contains a lot of special effects, allowing you to show richer effects when using the settings;

2. Directly meet your needs, choose different wallpapers every day to beautify your mobile desktop;

3. The wallpaper library is constantly updated, providing you with more opportunities to use it, and online browsing settings are faster;

Special effects time wallpaper highlights
1. Have super beautiful wallpaper resources, in addition to wallpapers, there are many ringtone materials, you can choose at will;

2. All the resources provided here are free and free to use, allowing you to quickly choose;

3. One-click setting can also preview the effect directly, making your mobile phone desktop change more and search faster;

Special effects time wallpaper features
1. You can easily beautify the mobile phone desktop, the special effect time wallpaper setting is more convenient, and there are more styles;

2. No matter what effect the wallpaper can be searched, make your desktop more dazzling and beautiful;

3. The resource coverage is optional online, and can also be set as a dynamic lock screen wallpaper, with super complete types;

Introduction to software reviews
This is a very practical mobile phone system tool. You can quickly find the various wallpapers you want through clear categories, so that your mobile phone can highlight your personal charm and meet your needs.


  • The wallpapers are available for free.
  • The wallpapers are available for free.
  • The wallpapers are available for free.