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Royal charter travel

Royal charter travel

  • size: 39.40MB
  • platform: android
  • Version: 7.0.0
  • type: Travel
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-09-12 10:06:56


The Royal Chartered Car Travel App is a very useful outbound travel service software, which completely defines the way Chinese people travel overseas. There are more than 100,000 Chinese-speaking guides (drivers and tour guides) around the world: they have a long driving experience, and they can take you around the world at the same time. Escort for your safety. Download it now to experience it!

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Software introduction

Royal Chartered Car Travel is a chartered car service platform for outbound travel developed by Beijing Pure Travel Co., Ltd. Royal Chartered Car Travel has more than 100,000 Chinese-speaking driver guides, providing professional, safe and secure chartered travel services for users in need. The drivers and tour guides of the imperial chartered car are all experienced and long-term drivers, who can take you to experience the local characteristic culture and enjoy the infinite fun and wonder that travel brings to you. They provide you with comprehensive and high-quality services and recommend you to return The suitable travel route will help you handle various settlements. The most important thing is to communicate with them in Chinese, which is quite cordial. More friends are welcome to download and use the imperial chartered car to travel

Application function

Provide Chinese airport shuttle and assist in hotel check-in;

Provide word transfers, from any starting point to any ending point;

Provide daily chartered tour service, the itinerary time and route can be adjusted at any time;

Provide a selection of high-quality Chinese-speaking driver guides;

You can search and view the services you want;

Provide a selection of popular tourist destinations around the world;

Application Features

Route chartered tour, you can choose from thousands of classic routes;

Chinese-speaking driver and tour guide accompany the whole process, and communication is barrier-free;

Chinese pick-up and drop-off, covering many international airports around the world;

Many popular popular tourist destinations are recommended for you to travel with peace of mind;

7*24 hours customer service guarantee, online customer service contact to solve problems;

The system automatically calculates the order price, and the actual price is clear.

Instructions for use

1. Download and log in to use the imperial chartered car;

2. Enter the page and click on the service according to your needs;

3. View popular destinations;

4. Choose your favorite Chinese driver to take you on a tour;

5. Select the corresponding chartered service.


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